Chicken Barbecue Sticks Recipe

Chicken barbecue is the perfect weekend lunch dish!
Chicken barbecue is perfect for weekend lunches! No barbecue sauce? Mix soy sauce, sugar, ketchup, and water to make a quick marinade. ...

Beef Barbecue Recipe

Skewer tender and juicy beef into barbecue sticks, and slather on some rich coconut sauce!
Tender, juicy beef meets rich coconut milk in this weeknight-friendly dish. This beef barbecue recipe will transport you to a tropical paradise! ...

Chicken Barbecue with Peanut Sauce Recipe

This chicken barbecue recipe is even better with peanut sauce!
Love chicken? Make this chicken barbecue recipe with a homemade peanut sauce. This recipe is quick: you only need a hot grill and few minutes before your chicken barbecue is cooked through.  ...

Korean Chicken Barbecue Recipe

This chicken dish wouldn't be complete without a side serving of kimchi rice!
Be generous when seasoning this chicken dish: Korean chicken barbecue wouldn't be complete without lots of aromatics, herbs, soy sauce, and a serving of kimchi rice on the side.  ...

St. Louis-Style Ribs Recipe

It's the pork cut that makes these ribs easy to eat and beautiful to serve.
These ribs are just your average American-style cut ribs with the softer ribs and ends being trimmed more than usual. Use your favorite barbecue sauce to slather over these decadent ribs.   ...

Pinoy-style Pork Barbecue Recipe

Birthdays and special occasions always call for certain kinds of food, pork barbecue is almost always part of a festive spread.
Birthdays and special occasions always call for certain kinds of food—pork barbecue is almost always part of a festive spread. You can never go wrong with a classic like this, especially when its soft and tender to the bite! It's the perfect ...

These Are The Best Tips For Making Pinoy Barbecue

You might know some or all of these tips, but it all results in the best Pinoy barbecue.
If you love Pinoy barbecue, there are a few tips and tricks you may not know yet but we think it's always worth a look over just in case there is one that you may have missed out. Here are our best tips for making the best Pinoy ...

Yes, You Can Use Softdrinks In Other Delicious Recipes, Too

Use your favorite fizzy beverage in other dishes!
Sodas and colas, in general, are considered sugary drinks but there's more to it than just being a fizzy drink. Its sugar and flavor makes it into a vital ingredient in a recipe, whether savory or sweet. If you have ever made a Pinoy ...
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