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This Is The Difference Between Simmering And Poaching

Both are gentle boiling techniques but there is one big difference.
Have you ever poached a dish before? You have probably done it already if you have at least tried to poach an egg before. What you may not have noticed is that there is a big difference between how to poach food, ...

Here's How You Can Cook with No Oil

This cooking technique doesn't require oil.
Do you want to cook with less or even no oil at all? You can! There are two cooking techniques that will definitely not require you to cook with no oil. You can boil food or you can poach it. You probably already know ...

Everything You Need to Know About Braising

You have probably braised a dish and didn't know it.
Braising is one of the best ways to make succulent, tender dishes. The resulting dishes yield super tender meats, very flavorful sauces, and an overall super delicious meal. Braising is different from stewing. Braising is cooking food in a small amount of fat and liquid in a closed container. ...

5 Food Techniques You Need To Learn This Year

Wow everyone this year!
This new year, make it a goal to do more than just cook in the kitchen. You may already know how to cook a few dishes so it's always a good thing to level up your cooking game. Try these other cooking ...

Here's How To Fry Food Using Less Oil

This easy cooking trick will save oil and eliminate splatter. 
We know one of the fastest and easiest ways to put a meal on the table is to fry meat. Frying food develops delicious flavor, turning it into a beautiful golden brown color, and is easily done with little to no effort at ...

Here's What You Should Do So You Don't Overcook Shrimp Or Squid

This simple trick is all you need to know so you never overcook shrimps or squid again.
If you are perpetually overcooking shrimps or squid when cooking, this is the only cooking tip you will need. It's a rather simple tip that ensures that no matter what type of cooking you're doing with the seafood, be it steaming, frying, sauteing, simmering, grilling, or roasting, you ...

This Basic Cooking Technique Can Level Up Your Caldereta

Tossing your beef in a little flour makes a big difference in your caldereta.
Dredging is the process of lightly coating a food, most commonly with flour, prior to cooking. While it’s similar to breading, the difference is that dredging is a light coating. You are not trying to cover the food with a thick layer ...

This Extra Step Helps You Make Flavorful Chicken and Pork Adobo

Browned meat is delicious.
It doesn’t matter what type of adobo you’re cooking, but searing the meat—­any meat, for that matter­—before proceeding to cook it into adobo is the best thing you can do. In fact, it’s a great thing to do for any meat dish.Why? ...

Cooking 101: Nail These 5 Basic Techniques

Once you get these basic cooking techniques right, everyday cooking will be less daunting!
Conquer the kitchen by mastering these simple cooking skills. Cooking and baking are both very technical, so clock in some kitchen time and practice until you get these right. Once you do, everyday cooking will be a total breeze! 1  BraisingThis is a ...
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