Spicy Pork Ribs Caldereta Recipe

Make it with pork and then spice it up!
Caldereta doesn't have to be beef! For those who love pork, you'll love this version that features the tenderness of easier-to-cook pork. Plus, it's made creamier, cheesier, and spicier for a dish that's comforting and delicious.  ...

Chocolate Fruitcake Recipe

This fruitcake has chocolate so it's doubly delicious.
Even those who don't like fruitcake will want to try a bit of this fruitcake. This fruitcake recipe is made even better with dark chocolate chunks stirred in the batter.  ...

Beef Menudo With Hot Dogs Recipe

Make your classic pork menudo easily better by using beef instead.
This classic menudo just became better with the simple swap of beef. It's still just as delicious with a different kind of meatiness! This traditional pork stew recipe is made beefier with beef chunks but it still has the same savory tomato sauce, cubes of potatoes and ...

Pork Kaldereta With Liver Spread and Peanut Butter Recipe

This is a cross between a kaldereta and kare-kare!
This pork kaldereta recipe is a cross between a kaldereta and kare-kare! Creamy and thick, this kaldereta is made with a twist! It uses pork instead of beef and gets a boost in creaminess from both the liver spread and the peanut butter.You'll ...

Lemongrass Fried Chicken Recipe

This is the aromatic version of a fried chicken recipe.
This isn't your usual fried chicken! It may not have the super crunchy skin but this chicken is super flavorful, thanks to a marinade that includes aromatic lemongrass, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Your fried chicken baon can be just as appetizing, even without the crunch.  ...

Puto Cake Recipe with Cream Cheese and Salted Egg

Make puto in one big pan that you can slice.
Why make little bite-sized cupcakes when you can make a much more impressive and easier-to-make steamed rice cake? Remove the hassle of having to make each individual puto and make this giant puto instead. Topped with slices of cream cheese and salted egg, this puto is just as inviting and appetizing ...
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