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WATCH: How to Make a 3-Ingredient Skillet Pizza

It's a skillet pizza, a no-crust pizza, it's low-carb Pizza, it's awesome!
You need only 3 ingredients and a skillet to treat yourself to a quick pizza fix!  TIP: As this pizza is delicate and thin, it's not built for too many toppings so remember not to overload it. Feel free to use other toppings! ...

5 Recipes Where You Can Use Leftover Basil

Don't let leftover basil go to waste.
Bought more basil than you needed? Don't let them go to waste! Add them to your standard seafood stir-fry, mix with your butter, or add it to your fruity milkshake. Here are a few ideas: Strawberry Basil MilkshakesDidn't know you could use ...

Tuna Pesto Spread Recipe

Make a healthier and lighter tuna spread by using basil!
Make a healthier and lighter tuna spread by using basil! The tuna pesto spread can be served on crackers, and sandwiches. Plus, it keeps well in the fridge and is totally delicious and easy to make. ...
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