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You Need To Try Batangas Lomi On Your Next Roadtrip

This is not your usual noodle soup.
When in Batangas, one of the local dishes one must try is their version of lomi. The Batangas lomi is a hearty version of the Chinese noodle dish, with less veggies, thicker soup (sometimes, cassava is added), and loads of toppings. This is ...

Batangas Lomi Recipe

This thick hearty soup is made even more delicious with its generous toppings.
Lomi is a Chinese-inspired noodle soup that is thick, hearty, and generously topped. It's also got a delicious combination of side condiments which Batanguenos will insist you mix together and pour right on top. Not only that, but they will also insist you eat it immediately, ...

This Is How The Batangas Lomi Is Different From The Chinese Lomi

The Batangas version is quite different!
Batangas is home to many delicious dishes, most notably the hearty and beefy bulalo and the goto that isn't made of rice. However, there is another dish that you think you know but is actually quite different from those we are most familiar ...
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