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Catch The Sunset At This Beautiful Restaurant-Café Inside A Beach Resort

It's the perfect place for a weekend date!
If you have already had your fill of restaurants and cafés surrounded by trees or those overlooking the Metro Manila skyline, you can change it up heading to the beach instead. On your next trip out of town, you should drop by Rob's Kitchen ...

Batangas-Style Menudo Recipe

This version is drier, less saucy but still super tasty.
Menudo is one of those recipes that you can make in different ways. This version of menudo or pork in tomato stew is drier, less saucy than your usual menudo. It has the usual pork chunks, pork liver, hotdogs, potatoes, carrots, and the all-important tomato sauce.This version also ...

Have You Heard Of This Famous Puto From Lipa, Batangas?

It is famous amongst locals and tourists!
Just like the many versions of sinigang, adobo, empanada, and longganisa that you can find in different parts of the Philippines, there are also different kinds of kakanin. In Lipa, Batangas, most locals and tourists know one place that offers delicious puto: Ninay’s Special ...

We Found A Dish That Combines Pares, Ramen, and Steak

All of your favorites in one dish!
If you're already planning post-pandemic weekend trips with your friends, you should definitely consider adding Mouse Hole Cheese Bar x Restaurant to your list. Mouse Hole is a newly opened resto in Batangas that boasts cheesy items on the menu.It's the first "cheese bar" ...

How To Make Lomi Super Tasty

Eat it piping hot!
Lomi is a Chinese-inspired noodle soup that is thick, hearty, and generously topped. There are differences between a typical Chinese-style pancit lomi and a Batangas version but despite these, there are many similarities, too, that make it a delicious noodle soup that's more akin to a ...

For the First Time, Grapes Are Being Harvested at this Vineyard Near Tagaytay

You can pick grapes, too, during the next harvest season and when travel restrictions are lifted.
Grape-growing in a tropical country like the Philippines isn’t new. Vineyards in La Union have allowed guests to experience picking the fruit themselves for years.Closer to Manila however, there’s an area that has reported success in growing the fruit. At a mixed-use ...

Batangas Lomi Recipe

This thick hearty soup is made even more delicious with its generous toppings.
Lomi is a Chinese-inspired noodle soup that is thick, hearty, and generously topped. It's also got a delicious combination of side condiments which Batanguenos will insist you mix together and pour right on top. Not only that, but they will also insist you eat it immediately, ...

This Is How The Batangas Lomi Is Different From The Chinese Lomi

The Batangas version is quite different!
Batangas is home to many delicious dishes, most notably the hearty and beefy bulalo and the goto that isn't made of rice. However, there is another dish that you think you know but is actually quite different from those we are most familiar ...

Don't Leave Batangas Without These Pasalubong

Batangas goes beyond barako.
Batangas might just be a short ride away from the city, but everything about it looks, feels, tastes worlds away. The air is cooler, the bulalo is better, and there’s so much nature to see. Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend, ...

6 Must-Try Recipes From Batangas

Savor the flavors of Batangas at the comfort of your own kitchen.
Batangas isn’t just a quick vacation from the metro, it’s also home to many of the dishes we all know and love. Turns out, Batangas is responsible for more than just our memories of beautiful beaches and the Taal Lake. It's also ...

From North To South: Make These Dishes If You're Missing A Taste Of Home

Cook these regional favorites so you won't get homesick.
Few dishes evoke nostalgia more than regional favorites you grew up with. The unique flavors, textures, and ingredients of a dish made from what's available in an area not only creates a dish that's local, it also creates a dish which has passed ...
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