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It's Confirmed: HawHaw Milkshake Is Now Available!

BRB, getting some today.
First, there was ChocNut Soft Serve. Then we got HawHaw and now Peter's Butter Ball Soft Serve. Well, it seems like The Lost Bread isn't done bringing back our childhood: While the HawHaw Soft Serve has been phased out to make way for ...

This Filipina Chef is Introducing Boodle Fights in Paris

Meet Erica Paredes, the Filipina chef making waves in Paris.
When one thinks of the romantic city of Paris, France, she's probably often greeted with images of the Eiffel Tower while dining al fresco at a fancy restaurant, complete with a beret on her head. No one ever imagines Europeans duking it ...

This New Limited-Edition Starbucks Drink Is Available Starting Today!

Happy Halloween!
October may be the second most wonderful time of the year yet, especially for Starbucks loyalists and enthusiasts who love matcha. It's the the return of a seasonal drink: the Franken Frappuccino (P165/tall, P180/grande, P195/venti).The seasonal drink makes a comeback on October 21 and this time, it's an upgraded Green ...

Yes, Tiger Sugar Is Now Available On Grab Food!

We might never leave the house.
You never know when the milk-tea cravings can hit—sometimes it happens when you're already all cozy at home and just don't feel like going out. For those moments, you can be thankful that a lot of your favorite milk tea chains now ...

The Lost Bread Listed as One of the Best Ice-Cream Places in the World

They're the only Philippine establishment currently on the roster.
Soft serve is having quite the moment in the spotlight right now. In fact, there’s enough buzz around it for lists like this one to pop up, and the Philippines' own The Lost Bread makes an appearance!“The Lost Bread brought serious funk to Manila with ...
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