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What Is Beef Shank And Delicious Ways To Cook It

This beef cut makes succulent, tender, and meaty dishes.
The beef shank is one of those beef cuts that you might overlook when shopping for meat. That's because unless you're going to cook bulalo, you are probably not going to be looking for this meaty beef cut. The beef shank or bulalo is ...

How To Cook Beef Misono And What Beef Cut To Use

Learn all about the dish and what beef cut to buy.
Did you know that there is no such beef dish as a "beef misono" in Japan? It's actually the name of a restaurant known for its incredible wagyu beef! So, what's a "beef misono"? It's a menu item on a local Japanese fast food restaurant that ...

How To Cook Beef Brisket And Recipes To Try

This beef cut is a tough cut but super tasty.
If you have ever eaten at an American-style barbecue place, you will know this menu item: the beef brisket (punta y pecho). You may have tasted it as smoked brisket or had it stuffed into a deli roll as pastrami. You might even have had it when ...
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