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WATCH: This Is How You Make An Easy Beef Empanada

Use an easy empanada dough with a flavorful beef filling.
Empanadas are classic merienda fare. An empanada is basically a handheld or pocket pie. The filling can be anything. You can use a savory filling such as chicken, shrimp, beef, or even a vegetable stuffing. You can also fill it with a sweet ...

Cheesy Beef Empanada Recipe

Quickmelt cheese make these empanadas irresistible!
Cheese and beef is a delicious combo. Here, we take a simple beef empanada recipe and upgraded its flavor to create a delicious and cheesy version that's a tasty snack for any time of the day. This cheesy beef empanada will be the snacks you ...

Beef Empanada Recipe

This fast and easy recipe is a flavorful beef version of your usual chicken-stuffed empanada.
An easy beef filling is stuffed into this equally easy empanada dough recipe. By using ground beef, the filling cooks fast while you can easily sub out the frozen mixed veggies we used for your preferred vegetable. We suggest potatoes cut into small chunks or even ...
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