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Vice Ganda Wants This Celebrity To Cook Beef Pares For Him

Can you guess who it is?
It's been more than a decade since Vice Ganda started hosting "It's Showtime," a noontime variety show in the Philippines. This was followed by "Gandang Gabi Vice," a late-night comedy talk show which was first aired back in 2011. Being in the industry for a long ...

What's The Difference: Beef Pares vs. Beef Stew

These beef dishes are delicious in their own way.
Are you a fan of super tender beef? If you are, you are probably aware that the best beef dishes are those that were either cooked really fast or cooked for a long period of time. This is because many beef cuts are tough ...

Easy Beef Pares Mami Recipe

This is beef noodles made extra meaty!
Use our popular beef pares recipe to create a delicious version that's eaten with noodles instead of rice. The mami portion is super easy to make so once you have your pares, you can pile on the noodles and serve it as you like. This is ...

All The Ways You Can Make Your Beef Pares Even More Delicious

This chunky stew can use a few delicious upgrades.
One of our top recipes in 2020 was beef pares. This stew is a simple yet chunky and hearty beef stew in a sweetened soy sauce soup. It's the spice added to the dish that transforms this from a simple stew to one that's addicting: ...

Top Beef Recipes of 2020: Pares, Corned Beef, and Tapa Salpicao

Simple ingredients make these beef dishes super tasty.
Beef may not be the first meat you reach for when at the market or at the grocery but it is still well-loved. Dishes such as tapa, salpicao, caldereta, and beef pares would not be a favorite if it wasn't made with beef. Not surprising, our readers' ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Beef Pares

This braised beef stew recipe is simple yet tasty!
What is it about beef pares that makes this bowl of tender chunks of beef so satisfying? It must be the super tender chunks of beef swimming in a sweet-savory liquid that's more soup than sauce. The aromatics of this braised beef stew is simple, ...

You Can Order Beef Pares + Mie Goreng From This Virtual Food Hall!

You also need to try their pork kebab + fried chicken shawarma rice platter!
If it feels like you’re in a tiring and endless cycle of eating the usual easy-to-cook dishes, you should consider ordering in from time to time. It doesn't hurt to indulge in a special dish you don’t get to eat on a daily ...

Beef Pares Recipe

It's a mix of savory flavors!
Beef pares is a braised beef dish that consists of different tastes and savory flavors. A mixture of soy sauce, water, sugar, and other spices were mixed together in order to give the beef a flavorful sauce. Simmering tenderizes the beef. It ...

Beef Pares Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Huwag kalimutang ihain itong beef pares kasama ang maraming kanin.
Ang beef pares ay gawa sa baka na nagbibigay ng maraming lasa. Pinagsasama ang toyo, asukal, at samu’t saring pampalasa para maging malinamnam ang sabaw at baka. Patuloy na pagluto sa mahinang apoy ang sikreto sa malambot na baka at malapot at ...

WATCH: Beef Pares is a Pinoy Favorite!

Have it with lots and lots of rice!
Beef pares is a hearty Filipino beef stew that pairs perfectly with lots of rice!Try this easy recipe at home:Produced by: Ria Esguerra ...

WATCH: How to Make Beef Pares

A hearty serving of this Pinoy beef stew recipe pairs perfectly with lots of rice!
Beef pares is a Filipino beef stew recipe that's sweet and seasoned with spices. Pair it with a hearty serving of rice for a delicious, and satisfying meal.2 tablespoons vegetable oil2 cloves garlic, crushed2 tablespoons ginger, minced1 medium onion, minced1 kilogram beef ...

Beef Pares Recipe

Don't forget to serve lots of rice with this beef stew.
Beef Pares is a Filipino braised beef dish that consists of various tastes and flavors. A mixture of soy sauce, water, sugar, and other spices is mixed together in order to give the beef brisket a flavorful broth. Simmering tenderizes the beef and ...
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