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What Is Beef Shank And Delicious Ways To Cook It

This beef cut makes succulent, tender, and meaty dishes.
The beef shank is one of those beef cuts that you might overlook when shopping for meat. That's because unless you're going to cook bulalo, you are probably not going to be looking for this meaty beef cut. The beef shank or bulalo is ...

These Are The Other Ways To Cook Beef Shank Or The Bulalo

Do you like it in a soup or saucy and on a sizzling plate?
The beef shank or the bulalo is one of those beef cuts that are more affordable than the meatier, boneless cuts. Despite the major bone of this meat cut, it remains a meaty cut. Take a look at the cross-cut of the leg bone, ...

WATCH: This Is How To Cook Filipino Kare-Kare

Learn how to cook kare-kare the classic way!
The traditional way of making a classic kare-kare recipe involved a lot of preparation. Back then, there were no electric food processors or speedy choppers or blenders to do the work for us! To cook kare-kare, you needed a pandikdik or a ...

WATCH: How To Make Pocherong Bisaya

This pochero recipe is a super flavorful cross between a nilaga and bulalo.
This pochero recipe is different from the pochero you may be more familiar with. A Tagalog pochero recipe is usually a tomato-based stew with its thick slightly sweet sauce, courtesy of the saba bananas that's been cooked in it. Not all pochero recipes are ...

You Can Add More Bulalo To Your Nilaga, Thanks To This Promo

You deserve your own piece of beef shank.
What’s your favorite part in beef stew? For us, it’s that bone marrow from the beef shanks that we call bulalo! That oily, light, scant find coats your mouth in a mellow, satisfying flavor. It’s also that bone marrow that seeps into ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Korean Beef Stew

It's sweet, savory, and perfect with rice. Plus, this version has bulalo!
The Korean invasion is still going as strong as ever! Korean chicken wings are still as popular as ever with its intense crunch, but there's more to that country than just chicken wings. Korea has a beef stew that is unlike any other beef stew, and ...

There Are So Many Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Bulalo

How much do you love bulalo?
As kids, some of us may not have instantly loved bulalo. Then there might be questions running in your head such as, “Kinakain mo ‘yung buto?” (You eat the bones?). But there's so much more to bulalo. At its base is a good beef ...

Braised Beef Shank Recipe

Let your oven do the work!
This Italian dish has tender beef shanks stuffed with plums and served with a lemon olive oil sauce. It's a classic that deserves a special spot on your Sunday dinner table. It's easier to make than it sounds! When it comes to ...

Braised Beef Shanks Recipe

Take the Asian route with a fork-tender, Southeast Asian-inspired stew.
Take the Asian route with a fork-tender, Southeast Asian-inspired stew. Serve papaya salad or steamed rice on the side to complete your meal. ...

Sizzling Bulalo na Baka (Beef Shank) Recipe

Enjoy bulalo in a new way by serving it on a sizzling platter!
Enjoy bulalo in a new way by serving it on a sizzling platter and dousing it in a creamy mushroom sauce. ...
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