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What's The Difference: Bistek vs. Beef Gyudon

These beef dishes are delicious!
Do you love tasting that calamansi flavor that complements the salty taste of soy sauce and the umami flavors of the beef? Perhaps you love the touch of sweetness from the softened onions on top? This classic Filipino dish is called bistek Tagalog. It's ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Delicious Bistek

This simple recipe for beef can be made better. Here's how.
The tangy, savory flavors with a little bite you taste when you put soy sauce, calamansi, and a little onion together may be the usual pairing you might find as a condiment on the side of your main dish, but this combination is also quite delicious when ...

Add This One Ingredient To Your Bistek Recipe To Make It Irresistible!

You need to try this.
You may think that there are many ways to make the Pinoy bistek. However, most bistek recipes have the minimum of ingredients. After all, there are only three main ingredients in a basic bistek recipe: soy sauce, calamansi juice, and the meat you prefer. It's ...

Beef Steak Omurice Recipe

Think omelets are only good for breakfast? Think again.
You can have this tasty bistek Tagalog-and rice-filled version for lunch and dinner, too! ...

This is the Simple Secret to Tender Pinoy-style Beef Steak

Our local citrus does more than just make it delicious.
Soy sauce mixed with calamansi juice is a common dipping sauce but when made into a marinade, as you would when making beef steak or bistek, it transforms the simple condiment into a delicious dish.But there is more to the marinade ingredients ...

Oriental Beef Steak Recipe

This beef steak recipe has a delicious kick from its soy-based marinade.
This simple beef steak recipe gets its flavor from its soy-based marinade. Made from a mix of spices that you already have in your pantry, this marinade can be made any day of the week. Who wouldn't love a juicy beef steak ...

Beef Rolls in Creamy Sauce Recipe

Take a bite into these beef rolls with a delicious cream cheese filling.
Take a bite into these beef rolls with a delicious cream cheese filling. You can find breakfast beef steak rolls in the meat section of your local grocery. ...

Bistek Filipino Rice (Beef Steak with Rice) Recipe

Filipino bistek, or beef steak, is a saucy beef dish best served with lots of rice!
Nothing beats the flavor that calamansi lends to classic bistek. But if you can’t get the local citrus fruit, lemon juice will work just as well. ...

Pinoy Bistek Recipe

Next to adobo, bistek is one of the most common baons for kids and adults because it keeps well for hours.
Next to adobo, bistek is one of the most common baons for kids and adults because it keeps well for hours. ...
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