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JICYDK: Auntie Anne's Delicious Lemonade Now Comes In 1-Liter Packs

It's only P220!
Auntie Anne's has always been known for its pretzels but another item on their menu that deserves just as much attention is their refreshing, Freshly Squeezed Lemonade. It's the perfect sweet-tangy drink to pair with the saltiness of Auntie Anne's pretzels. For those who ...

We Found Meiji Strawberry Milk And Coffee Milk At This Japanese Grocery

They have an online website!
One of the best things to do when you're shopping in specialty groceries, especially those that offer Korean or Japanese products, is to check out their drinks section. If you're a fan of banana milk, melon milk, and other flavored milk in ...

This Is The Best Way To Chill Drinks Fast

We have 3 genius ways to do it.
Nobody likes a warm drink of beer. In fact, it's a fact that ice-cold beverages are more thirst-quenching than warm ones. Even plain water tastes more refreshing when ice cold, and this is especially true when it comes to fizzy drinks like sodas. Not everyone ...

Love Sweet Iced Coffee? Why Not Try This NEW Caramel Macchiato

Iced coffee all day, every day!
It's no secret that one of the best places you can buy cheap, delicious,and refreshing iced coffee is at your neighborhood Dunkin' store. Recently, Dunkin' added more iced coffee options for those who like their coffee on the sweeter side. Say hello to Dunkin's ...

Teh Tarik (Pulled Milk Tea) Recipe

Have your afternoon milk tea at home with this recipe.

5 Ways To Make Your Coffee More Delicious Without Buying More Ingredients

You'll need to check your supplies but it will be delicious!
For some people, coffee is a necessary drink. It's a passion, a love affair, and a need. If a cup or two of coffee is the non-negotiable beverage you must have at least every morning, you will love the fact that you ...

Jamba Juice Now Serves Guilt-Free Chocolate Pudding!

Guilt-free desserts? Yes, please!
There's always room for dessert at Jamba Juice. Chia Cups are the latest items on their feel-good menu. Spoiler alert: one cup is most likely not enough.Jamba Juice's Chia Cups (P135) aren't only guilt-free, you can also customize them. You have the ...


The Japanese milk bar is going places.
With their super #aesthetic shop at Glorietta 3 and unique milk-based drinks (the Dirty Maccha with matcha and dark chocolate is a favorite!), FRNK continues to draw crowds. Is your curiosity piqued? You might be able to finally try it when they ... Test Kitchen: 3 Ways To Make Yakult Slushie

It’s cold, it’s icy, and it’s made better with Yakult.
Our love for Yakult knows no bounds. It’s sweet, it’s tart, and it’s good for you!This popular probiotic drink is a sweet treat that everyone loves. But did you know that you can upgrade your Yakult experience? We’ve got three easy ways ...

This New Milk Tea Has Your Fave Chocolate Drink And Boba Pearls!

It's difficult to outgrow our childhood favorites!
After Soju Yakult drinks, Yakult-flavored soft serve ice cream, and a Melona Honeydew-flavored soft serve ice cream, Black Scoop Cafe adds a new nostalgic beverage to their ever-growing menu of interesting drinks and desserts.The latest addition to their menu is the Chuckie Milk ...

Survive The Summer Heat With Tim Hortons' New Ice-Cold Tea + Mojito!

Keep yourself hydrated this summer!
I think we can all agree that summer’s heat is relentless. Fight the heat while you keep yourself hydrated and refreshed with a cup of cold beverage in hand–but, given our situation, maybe, both hands.Luckily, Tim Hortons’ is expanding their coffee-dominated menu ...

Starbucks Has A Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino For The Summer!

We want to try everything!
Are you a fan of desserts that are turned into beverages? Well, Starbucks recently launched its new refreshing summer beverages: Triple Mocha Frappuccino, Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino, Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino, and Mixed Berry Frappuccino with Pomegranate pearls.Who can’t resist the ...

WATCH: This Iced Tea Recipe Is All You Need This Summer

Nothing beats real honey and fresh lemon and calamansi juices!
Sure, it's easy to reach for iced tea powders but making iced tea is really easy! We used real honey and fresh lemon and calamansi juices to make this freshly brewed iced tea recipe irresistibly refreshing and delicious. You can tweak the ...

Tracking The Local Milk Tea Trend: How Did This Obsession Start?

Milk tea is one crazy food trend.
Have you joined the milk tea bandwagon? You're not alone.It’s 2019, 11 years after the popular milk tea arrived on our shores, and love for milk tea is at an all-time high. The sheer number of milk tea fans keep growing as milk tea ...

Mark Your Calendars: Starbucks Is Coming Out With A New Chocolate Frappuccino

Three words, eight letters, say it, and it’s yours!
Starbucks is making Hearts Days sweeter with their new Valentine-exclusive chocolate Frappuccino: meet the ILY (I Love You). You can totally skip the box of chocolate and just go with Starbucks' chocolatey ILY (I Love You) Frappuccino (P180/Tall; P195/Grande; P219/Venti)! This Frappe is a blend of decadent dark ...

These Are The Unique Starbucks Beverages Around The World

We want to try all of these!
Starbucks is known for creating a cozy coffee shop experience anywhere you might be in the world. With thousands of Starbucks branches all over the globe (including a roastery and cafe in Milan, Italy!), it comes as no surprise that they have drinks unique ...

Taiwan's Famous Brown-Sugar Milk Tea Is Coming To Manila!

They stir-fry their pearls!
Even though we're entering a new year, the milk-tea craze shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it might just get even bigger from here: Xing Fu Tang from Taiwan is bringing their brown-sugar milk tea to Promenade Mall, Greenhills in ...

Serenitea's Jumbo Cups Are Back For The Holidays

Hurry, the promo starts today!
Milk tea fans, does a regular-sized cup of milk tea leave you thirsty for more? We have good news for you: Serenitea’s famous jumbo cups are making a comeback for the holidays! Get more than your money’s worth by ordering a large ...

These New Single-Origin Coffee Beans Make the Prettiest Gifts!

Get these for your coffee-loving friends!
It may just be November but we think it's never too early to start thinking of what to give your friends for Christmas. And you shouldn't settle for just anything. For your coffee-loving buds, we think we've found the perfect gift: The Dream ...

Starbucks Now Offers Refreshing Coffee-and-Ice-Cream Combos

New stuff to try!
Meaning "drowned" in Italian, an affogato is a classic coffee-based dessert that has a single scoop of vanilla ice cream soaked or "drowned" in espresso (hence the name). It's the perfect perk-me-up treat, especially in Manila's perpetually changing weather, so we're pretty ...
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