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You Haven't Had Sticky Rice Mangoes And Leche Flan Cheesecake This Good

This fun new place serves sisig tacos, kimchi croquettes, and a great paella Negra.
The first time Isabel Calvo heard of puto, the Filipino rice cake, she went wild with laughter. In her native tongue, Spanish, puto is a bad word that rhymes with duck. Fast forward years later, and she’s developed a perfectly on-brand dessert ...

Chino MNL Has More Than Just Tacos

The Manila branch has new delicious surprises up its sleeve.
Tacos and Mexican food aren’t new to Manila's food fans. In fact, in 2017, Manila saw more Mexican restos opening shop. All of a sudden, Manila folks were Instagramming soft tacos, elote, and even horchata. Hong Kong’s Chino opened in BGC, Taguig in 2018, ...

Curious About Turkish Pizza? You Can Try It Soon In BGC

They've got great hummus, too!
If your New Year’s Resolution has been to “eat healthier,” for the past few years now, we’d be the last ones to judge. Unless you take the time to prep your baon before going to work, your options for healthy and satisfying ...
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