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This Bibingka Is What You'll Need For Post-Simbang Gabi Grub

Fans of the salted egg trend will love this!
In case you missed it, Peach Boy recently gave their pancakes a Christmas makeover, and it resulted in their newly-added menu item, the Bibingka Lava Pancakes.Peach Boy, in case you didn't know, is the new Manadaluyong-based restaurant that’s behind the Ube Lava Pancakes that ...

OMG, Pancake House's Bibingka Pancakes Are Back For Christmas!

Add lots and lots of butter!
Bibingka, although available all year round, shines the brightest during the Christmas season, especially during Simbang gabi season. Everybody loves the warm, fluffy rice slathered in butter and topped with sugar on top. If you're looking for post-Simbang gabi grub, head on over ...

Treat Yourself To These Bibingka-Inspired Desserts!

Love bibingka? You should try these!
Bibingka is a well-loved Filipino delicacy during the holiday season. It’s a soft, spongy, and slightly sweet rice cake with butter, shaved fresh coconut, and sugar on top. This simple but mouthwatering rice cake is made with ingredients versatile enough that it leaves  room for ...

'Tis The Season For Bibingka and Ube Queso Pancakes

Your favorite Christmas kakanin in pancake form? Yes, please!
Pancake House’s signature pancakes are already oh-so-delicious, but guess what? They just brought back their (equally-delicious) holiday pancakes, the Petite Bibingka Pancakes and Ube Cheese Pancakes. Doesn't the idea of spending the remaining mornings of December indulging in these festive pancakes sound like a pretty good plan? Pancake House’s ...
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