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Baked Special Bibingka Recipe

Salted egg and cheese on top please!
This is a famous Filipino dessert that is topped with salted egg and cheese. It pairs well with the moist rice cake. ...

WATCH: How to Make Easy Bibingka Galapong At Home

The ingredients are all available in the grocery!
Get your bibingka fix with this easy recipe: it's made with glutinous rice (galapong) which is more accessible than the rice flour used in traditional bibingka. It's just as delicious, too. Top with butter and grated cheese! To make a traditional bibingka galapong, you ...

WATCH: You Can Turn Bibingka Into Delicious Muffins

This holiday favorite gets a makeover.
Bibingka—the rice cake traditionally cooked over hot coals topped with knobs of butter, salted egg, and shaved fresh coconut—gets a fun makeover in this easy holiday recipe.These muffins have the same flavors you love in bibingka, in muffin form. The best part: ...

This Delicious Bibingka In a Tin Can Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

It's not just chocolate cake that can be baked in a can!
It’s Christmas time again, which means our craving for bibingka is back. It’s this craving that started it for Chef Michelle Marie Abalon of Sweetums Sweet Treats who now sells eight scrumptious versions of bibingka in red tin cans. You’ll love their classic bibingka thanks to an over-the-top generous topping ...

WATCH: This Is The Easy Bibingka Recipe You've Been Searching For

No overnight prep work, no complicated gadgets, just an easy bibingka you can have whenever the craving hits.
Bibingka doesn't get easier than this! This kakanin recipe uses the simple mix-and-dump method so there's no need to do any soaking, no need to use a high-powered kitchen gadget, nor do you need any other special ingredient to make this classic bibingka taste ...

Bibingka Galapong Recipe

Have you tried this kind of bibingka yet?
Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake that's usually enjoyed during the Christmas holiday season.Traditionally made with rice flour, coconut milk, and eggs, the bibingka batter is charcoal-baked in banana leaves which gives it a fabulous flavor. It's best served warm, with melted butter on ...

WATCH: How to Make Ube Bibingka

This bibinkga has a pop of flavor…and color!
You will love this flavor twist on traditional bibingka! The basic recipe just needs is a dash of ube flavoring, and you’re all set. Feel free to add cheese, salted egg slices, coconut, or a sprinkle of coconut sugar on top of ...

Our Best Baking Secrets for Fluffy Homemade Bibingka

You can make fluffy bibingka in a regular oven.
Bibingka is a traditional rice cake often served with shaved coconut, brown sugar, and salted duck egg as toppings. While the rice cake is often associated with the holiday season, we don’t think anyone would mind having it all year round, right?Because ...

Ube Bibingka Recipe

Give bibingka, a classic Filipino rice cake, a pop of color and flavor!
Bibingka is a classic Filipino rice cake, often served with slices of salted duck egg, grated coconut, and butter. Give bibingka a pop of color and flavor by adding some ube into the mix! ...

A Genius Tip for Homemade Bibingka in NY Times

Here's how Nicole Ponseca, New York-based Filipina restaurateur, gets a good crust on bibingka!
Nicole Ponseca is the woman behind Maharlika and Jeepney—two Filipino restaurants in New York that serve classic Filipino comfort dishes like sizzling sisig, arroz caldo, and a Pinoy Christmas season essential: bibingka!Bibingka is a rice cake that is traditionally cooked over coals, in ...

WATCH: How to Make Bibingka

This classic Filipino bibingka recipe only needs a few pantry staples to recreate at home.
Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake, traditionally cooked in clay over banana leaves, that is especially popular during the Christmas season. This version is baked in the oven so that bibingka can easily be recreated at home. Pinoys love to spread lots ...

Easy Bibingka Recipe

Craving for bibingka? Whip it up at home with our quick and easy take on this Filipino favorite.
Craving for bibingka? Whip it up at home with our quick and easy take on this Filipino favorite. ...
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