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You Need To Try This Bicol Express-Stuffed Chicken Longganisa

Best paired with lots of rice, sunny side up egg, and spicy vinegar.
There are many kinds of longganisa you can find all over the Philippines, like those that come from Lucban, Vigan, Tuguegarao, Bulacan, and Cebu. But if you want to try a different type of longganisa influenced by Bicolano flavors, you should try ...

Gata + Siling Labuyo Makes These Spicy, Creamy Recipes

This combo is what makes these recipes so delicious!
Gata or coconut milk is a sweet, creamy ingredient that goes fabulously well when made spicy using bird's eye chili peppers or siling labuyo. This combo of creamy and spicy is a well-known flavor pairing in the Bicol area in Southern Luzon. It's ...

Bicol Express Pork Chops Recipe

Make your pork chops spicier, better with this delicious recipe upgrade.
Swap out the chunks of pork with this delicious upgrade to your pork chop meal! This pork chop meal is not your ordinary pork chop because of the intensely flavorful sauce that's poured on top!  The Bicol express dish is almost always associated with ...

WATCH: This Is The Sili-Loaded Bicol Express You Have Been Looking For

It's got so much sili in it, you won't need to travel to Bicol!
Bicol Express may just be one of the Bicol region's best dishes and it's super easy to make. Plus, the combination really is irresistible! It's incredibly creamy, it's loaded with chili peppers—both the milder siling pangsigang and the spicy but tiny siling labuyo—which ...

These Are The Dishes You Should Try When in Bicol

We asked a Naga native about Bicolano dishes you won't be able to resist.
Filipino cuisine is always hard to qualify. How can you find the best when the best is usually what you have at home? The rich dishes in the Bicol Region are hardly an exception. Famous in the country for their abundant use ...

Stuffed Bicol Express Recipe

This Filipino dish marries two favorites: chilies and coconuts.
Craving for spicy food? Look to the Bicol region for inspiration! Bicol Express is a Filipino dish that marries two favorites: chilies and coconuts. ...

Chicken Bicol Express

Chicken is substituted for pork in this spicy Bicolano dish.
You need not travel far to experience a taste of Bicol! Try this Chicken Bicol Express recipe and satisfy your adventurous taste buds! Bicol express is considered to be one of the best comfort foods for Filipinos. This hearty stew is rich, ...

5 Red Hot Bicolano Recipes You Need To Learn

It's all about those coconuts and chilies!
We love Bicolano food. The eastern Philippine region's cuisine is iconic for its use of rich coconut milk, spicy chilies (uncharacterstic in most Filipino cuisines) and taro leaves or gabi. Their food is often rich, bright with spice, and packed with fresh produce.Given ...

Spicy Coco Pollo Recipe

This easy Bicol Express-inspired chicken recipe makes use of chicken instead of red meat
This quick and easy Bicol Express-inspired chicken recipe makes use of chicken instead of red meat. In feeding bigger crowds, use chicken thigh pieces to serve more people. (Finio Restaurant is located at 220 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City; tel. no: 415-1278) ...
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