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7-Eleven Now Offers Take-Home Packs Of Hotdogs and Siopao-Perfect For A Delish, Filling Merienda!

The take-home pack option is cheaper, too!
Thankfully, convenience stores like 7-Eleven remain open during the duration of the enhanced community quarantine to provide quick and affordable fixes when we’re hungry, craving, or both. If you find yourself going back and forth to 7-Eleven to buy their hotdog and ...

Get 50% Off On 7-Eleven's Coffee And Hotdog Sandwiches This Thursday!

Rescue us from petsa de peligro, please!
When you’re going through the woes of petsa de peligro, thinking about out what to eat for lunch or merienda can be challenging. Don’t worry! 7-Eleven is celebrating their 7-Eleven Day with promos that can get you through the day with a satisfied stomach. ...
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