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Puto Bigas Recipe

Rice that has been ground up to a fine flour makes traditional puto.
The core ingredient of a traditional puto recipe is rice. You can use all-purpose flour to make it easier if you don't have rice flour. However, if you really want the taste and texture of the traditional version of this steamed rice cake, ...

This Is How Long Rice Will Last In Your Rice Cooker

You shouldn't leave it in the rice cooker all day.
Rice is the common food staple for many people. It's the part of the meal that's indispensable when you are eating almost any Filipino dish!However, did you know that you shouldn't be leaving your cooked rice out? Rice that's been cooked should ...

We Have Enough Rice For The Country During The Quarantine, Says Department Of Agriculture

Supplies are good until June.
"The Philippines has enough rice for the next four months," says Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary William D. Dar. In a post on the Department of Agriculture official website dated March 25,  the statement said, “We expect no shortage of (rice) during the duration ...

WATCH: How to Cook Perfectly Fluffy Rice, Every Time

Follow these easy steps to get fluffy steamed rice!
Who doesn't love fluffy rice? We pair most Pinoy dishes with steamed rice and while it's relatively easy to cook, not all grains are cooked the same way. It all starts with your favorite grain variant–white, red, brown– that has been rinsed well ...
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