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This Bilao Of Lechon Baka, Palabok, and Lechon Lumpiang Shanghai Only Costs P1,500

Don't forget to pair the Lechon Baka with spiced vinegar!
Remember when lechon baka was the food everyone was talking about last year? If this tasty ulam has become a staple in the household, Rico’s Lechon has a sulit deal that includes their lechon baka and more of their bestsellers, and it's all in one bilao.Rico’s ...

Media Noche Idea: This Bilao Has Beef, Chicken, Seafood, And Different Sides

It even comes with two bottles of cola!
You must be tired from all the cooking you did for Noche Buena that you now want to retire from your kitchen duties and order in for Media Noche instead —— that's okay and totally understandable! Here's something that will make it even ...

Merienda Idea: This Bilao Has Four Kinds Of Pancit + Bread Rolls

Everything costs P1,099.
Max's Restaurant is celebrating its 76th birthday this month and they're celebrating it with tons of promos and new items on the menu including the Pancit Combilao, which has four kinds of pancit in one bilao. Max's Restaurant's Pancit Combilao is perfect for ...

LIST: Different Dishes In Bilaos You Can Order On GrabFood And Foodpanda

For your handaan at home!
Even the smallest, most intimate celebrations at home are never complete without food you can share with your friends and family. If you happen to be looking for bilaos of food for any of your upcoming at-home handaans, here are your options via GrabFood and ...

This Bilao Of Grilled Chicken, Pork Barbecue, and Liempo Only Costs P1,499

All your grilled favorites in one bilao + free drinks!
Do you want to lessen your kitchen duties in preparation for your New Year's Eve handaan? We've got good news for you and your wallet! Cindy's Bakery & Restaurant is offering a Christmas Grill Sampler which is a bilao-full of grilled ulam that's ...

Kakanin Fans, You Won't Be Able To Resist This Bilao Of Palitaw In Assorted Flavors

You can get an order of 60 pieces for just P500!
We recently showed you this bilao of assorted kakanin you can shop now as well as this huge serving of ube mango sticky rice. If you're looking for more large platters of popular desserts, you need to check out Palitaw Cravings' Assorted Palitaw Bilao!You ...

This Online Shop Lets You Customize A Bilao With Kakanin And Other Pinoy Snacks

Perfect for your celebration at home.
No party or celebration is complete without some classic Filipino delicacies spread across the table for the whole family to share. Some of your favorites may include kakanin like puto, sapin-sapin, and palitaw, or perhaps pastries like bibingka and napoleones. If you're more into savory treats, ...
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