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How To Whip Up Your Own Korean Bingsu At Home

Have you tried this Korean dessert?
If you're looking for a sweet and refreshing treat that stands out from the usual frozen desserts, you should try bingsu, a popular Korean shaved ice dessert. This cold concoction is made with shaved ice and topped with a variety of ingredients, such ...

Love Korean Dessert? This Bon Chon and Happy Lemon Dessert Is For You!

Brown sugar milk tea fans will love this!
Bingsu, also called patbingsu, is a Korean shaved iced dessert commonly topped with fruits, syrup, red beans, and sweet milk or condensed milk. This summer dessert comes in different interesting flavors. Bon Chon and Happy Lemon recently collaborated to bring you a dreamy, icy ...

7 Icy Treats Perfect for the Summer

Who doesn’t love an icy, refreshing treat to help you chill out?
If the sweltering summer heat is making you melt, we’ve made a rundown of fun cold desserts you can easily find in Manila. Who doesn’t love an icy, refreshing treat to help you chill out? The Farmacy’s Classic Banana SplitNothing beats a classic. ...

This Korean Dessert is Showing Up on A Lot Of Instagram Feeds

Meet the Bingsu, a treat made with shaved ice, sweetened red beans, and other delicious toppings. You can make it at home!
The Patbingsu, which literally means “red beans with ice”, is a popular summer dessert in Korea. Lately, the Bingsu, all decked out in interesting flavor combos, is appearing on a lot of Instagram feeds. And why not? It’s a picture-pretty dessert that ...
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