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What's The Difference: Thai Chili Vs. Siling Labuyo

Both are called bird's eye chili but only one is the real siling labuyo.
Is it or is it not a siling labuyo? The general confusion between what is a siling labuyo is not entirely our fault. Labels that claim it's a siling labuyo are not totally wrong either. There are some chili peppers in other countries that are also ...

Here's How You Can Preserve Your Precious Siling Labuyo Stash

Satisfying your hot and spicy cravings just got real.
The price of the tiny but powerfully hot siling labuyo has sky-rocketed in the midst of inflation these days. If you have a stash, here’s what you can do to help preserve what little you have left now so you can continue to ...

Strike Gold By Planting Your Own Labuyo + Other Vegetables

Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy to plant your own P1000/kg chillis! We have all you need to know.
You don’t need a big patch of land to start your own backyard garden—one where you can plant and harvest edible greens to make your favorite dishes. Start small with herbs and vegetables that are easy to grow in containers.“Pick ones that ...

Bicol Express Recipe

If you love spicy food, this is the chili-packed recipe to challenge you.
Looking for a recipe to prepare on a rainy night? Bring on the heat with this Bicol Express! It's a delicious gata recipe with coconut cream, chilies, vegetables, and pork that can change the way you love spicy food. Those from Bicol love the ...

WATCH: How to Make Sweet Labuyo Chili Sauce

This homemade chili sauce recipe definitely beats the store-bought kind!
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