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You Can Find Delicious, Affordable Birthday Cakes At S&R

They even have rainbow cakes!
One of the many things we love about membership shopping stores like S&R is the sheer range of what is available. You can find everything in these superstores that you may want from abroad! S&R offers a more curated selection than what your usual grocery ...

You Would Want To Have This Cookie Cake On Your Birthday

Serve it with a carton of milk.
There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a traditional birthday cake, but it sure does feel more special when you celebrate the beginning of a new chapter of your life with your favorite dessert. If your eyes twinkle at the sight or the ...

Say Hello To Krispy Kreme's Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts!

Happy 82nd birthday, Krispy Kreme!
There’s always a reason to celebrate–whether it’s the smallest or the biggest achievements in life. Krispy Kreme, the brand that brought us Original Glazed Doughnuts, just celebrated its 82nd birthday last July 15. They're honoring another fruitful year with their limited-edition Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts.These stacked ...

WATCH: We Just Made Your Favorite Cereal Into A Cake

Transform your favorite breakfast cereal into a beautiful cake fit for any occasion.
Do you love cereal in the morning? If you do, then we think you should use it to make this delicious cake! The cereal in this version is simple cornflakes, but no matter what type of cereal you use—fruity, chocolate, wheat, or even frosted—any ...

WATCH: These Funfetti Cupcakes Are The Cutest Treats

Have you ever seen a cupcake this adorable?
Why make a cupcake if it's not going to be cute? Making a super adorable cupcake though doesn't mean you need extraordinary piping skills. All you'll need is packaged caramelized popcorn and you've got a sure winner. Make it even more extra by ...

Surprise Birthday Cake Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes hold a fun and festive surprise in its center: sprinkles!
Bite into one and you'll not only taste the tender vanilla cake its made of, but also discover an outflowing of rainbow sprinkles! Surprise!  ...

Kitchen Finds: Birthday Cake Scented Candle

Fill your home with the delicious smell of birthday cake!
Taste is as much about our sense of smell as it is our sense of taste. We all absolutely love the delicious smells that waft from the kitchen. The smells of steak searing on the grill, sweet slowly roasted garlic and bright, ...'s Newbie's Guide to Baking Cakes

Making a pretty cake should be a breeze, whether or not it’s your birthday.
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to express yourself by way of cake, but don’t exactly know where to begin, look no further! We rounded up easy lessons, tips and tricks to help you make the showstopper cake of your dreams.First ...
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