Beef Tenderloin Bistek Recipe

This recipe combines grilled steak and the classic bistek Tagalog.
This recipe combines grilled steak and the classic bistek Tagalog. The result? A new family favorite everyone will be raving about! ...

Bistek Wrap Recipe

Transform leftover bistek into yummy wraps!
Transform leftover bistek into yummy wraps! To make ‘em more flavorful, drizzle a tangy sauce made of all-purpose cream, calamansi juice, salt, and chopped garlic over the sirloin strips.       ...

WATCH: How to Make Bangus Belly Bistek

This is a healthier version of the Pinoy bistek!
 We replaced the beef with bangus belly in the popular Pinoy bistek recipe. This is a healthier version and one you can make if you're going meatless. Bangus Bistek 1/8 cup cooking oil5 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed1/2 white onion, minced2 tomatoes, sliced1/4 cup ...

Bistek-Style Tanigue Steak Recipe

Love the sweet-savory flavors of Pinoy-style beef bistek? Try using tanigue for a change.
Pinoy-style beef bistek is popular for a reason: the sweet-savory flavors are easy to love. This version uses tanigue steaks instead of beef. It's a healthier version but just as tasty!  ...

WATCH: This Tofu Steak Is The No-Meat Version Of Your Favorite Bistek Tagalog

It's got all the flavors in a lighter but no less flavorful "steak".
Your usual bistek Tagalog is a flavorful yet simple combination of tender beef and sautéed onions in a marinade made of soy sauce and calamansi juice. Four ingredients easily creates one of the tastiest dishes you can pair with lots of steamed rice. Its simplicity is ...

These Malinamnam Bistek Recipes Hit The Spot

There's more than one way to enjoy bistek!
Who can say “no” to bistek? It offers you that homey, nostalgic flavor that hits all the right flavor notes: a slight tang, that delicious, perfect-for-rice saltiness, and that unmistakable umami. The umami, or malinamnam, flavor is all natural as well, thanks ...
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