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How To Freeze Your Vegetables Properly

Never waste your beautiful veggies, ever again.
Have you ever been so enamored by fresh vegetables that you wound up buying more than you could consume? You’re not alone. It’s really hard to say "no" to buying fresh, beautiful veggies when they’re in season, but most especially when they’re ...

What 'Blanching' Means and Why You Need to Know How to Do it Right

Cook your vegetables to perfection!
Blanching is a basic cooking technique that is useful for every home cook out there. It means that food, often vegetables, are quickly immersed in boiling water or fat (for meats), then shocked in an ice bath. What this does, for vegetables ...

Kitchen Tips: What is Blanching?

It’s the only proper way to keep veggies nice and bright.
As with most fancy cooking words and terms, blanching is much simpler than most starter cooks think it is.Blanching is the process of quickly cooking something (often veggies or fresh pasta) in salted boiling water. Blanching never takes longer than a minute ...
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