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How To Use A Hand Blender

This handy small kitchen appliance is a powerful tool.
Do you have a hand blender? If you do, you need to know how to use it properly. A hand blender is also known as an immersion blender. It's designed to be used in the preparation of food. This can range from aerating liquids ...

These Kitchen Appliances Will Make Your Christmas Prep Easy

Let these handy machines help you.
The most stressful part of being in charge of the Christmas feast is learning to multitask. Not everyone is an adept multitasker but we know how you can be more efficient even if you are not great at doing more than one thing at ...

You Can Score This Hand Mixer For Less Than P1,500 This Week

Mark your calendars for the Black Friday sale!
Black Friday is notorious in the United States for being a shopping day when you can get the biggest discounts and promos. It only happens once a year! Oster Philippines will have a Black Friday Friday sale where you can score up to 30% ...

Score Discounted Ovens, Stand Mixers, And Air Fryers During The 11.11 Sale

We also found promos on multi-cookers, blenders, and electric kettles.
It’s almost November 11 and you know what that means: many stores will be on sale, offering huge discounts and promos that will only last for the entire day. If you're looking for kitchen appliances, this is the best time to buy because ...

This Is The Easy Way To Clean Your Blender

This tip will get that blender clean, fast.
Does the thought of trying to clean and wash an appliance a big obstacle to you using it? We totally understand. Appliances are hard to clean, especially those with lots of parts or have sharp blades that you need to clean thoroughly before storing. If ...

These Are The Kitchen Appliances You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Upgrading

These top kitchen appliances need to be heavy duty.
As any serious cook or baker knows, the quality of your ingredients is just as important to the taste of their dishes. There should be no guilt involved when you are serving your loved ones with the best that you can offer!This ...

Everything You Need To Know To About Using A Blender

This small but useful kitchen appliance can make itself super handy!
If there is one small kitchen appliance that you probably have in your kitchen apart from the big refrigerator and stove, the blender together with the oven toaster are probably the appliances you have.The oven toaster is our introduction to the wonders of toasting ...

You Can Find These Kitchen Items At Robinsons Department Store + Have It Delivered

You can have it delivered to your home via Lazada.
Are you itching to buy new kitchen items during quarantine? Good news: Robinsons Department Store is now open and has these essential items for your kitchen which may be delivered to your home via Lazada. You can use the Robinsons Department Store page on the ...

Did You Know You Can Make No-Cook Pasta Sauces In Your Blender?

Make your blender do more!
Blenders are one of those appliances that seemingly everyone has but amazingly is rarely used if at all once they have it. It's the preferred appliance of choice for health buffs for its powerful blades that can literally liquify their fruits and vegetables into a ...

How To Know If You Need A Food Processor or A Blender

Both small kitchen appliances are useful in the kitchen and each have its unique uses.
Any kitchen appliance is an investment. Apart from the basic large appliances every kitchen should have (the refrigerator and the stove), there are other gadgets, smaller kitchen appliances which should catch your eye: the food processor and the blender.The food processor and ...

This Perfectly Shabby Chic Blender Is For Mason Jar Lovers

This small but powerful blender is so pretty you'll want to leave it on your kitchen counter.
Blenders are commonly found in the average Pinoy kitchen. After the refrigerator and toaster oven, the blender is the next small kitchen appliance families purchase, so many of us grew up with one in our childhood homes. More recently, the health conscious ...

This 3-in-1 Kitchen Appliance Is The Only Small Appliance You Need

With this in your kitchen, you won't need to bring out another appliance again.
It's always a great find when you find a gadget that can do more than just do one thing. Unitaskers are notorious for taking up valuable space, especially in places where space is already limited. Guess what? We think we found a small kitchen ...

WATCH: How to Make Creamy Chicken Soup

Chicken, carrots, and corn flavors in one delicious comforting soup!
 This hearty soup combines carrots, corn, and chicken for a comforting feel-good dish. We used the hot and cold blender of Cuisinart (you can actually cook in it!) to make prep work easier.Creamy Chicken Soup Takes 30 minutesMakes 4 servings 2 large carrots, peeled, ...

5 Reasons Why A Blender is An All-Around Kitchen Helper

Here's why the space-saving bullet blender should be in your kitchen.
A blender is a highly underused appliance in the kitchen. It can do so much more than make smoothies, milkshakes, and fruit shakes on a hot sunny day. So, guess what? The space-saving bullet blender is the small kitchen appliance that you ...

WATCH: How to Make Squash Soup Using Your Blender

Take out the blender, it's time to make a comforting bowl of squash soup!
You can use your blender to make a quick, healthy, and satisfying bowl of squash soup!2-3 tablespoons butter, divided¼ cup onion, chopped¼ cup celery, chopped½ kilogram squash, cut into cubes1½ cup water½ teaspoon cumin½ teaspoon paprikasalt and pepper to taste2 tablespoons olive ...

WATCH: You Can Make Soups Using Your Blender!

You can use your blender to make a quick, healthy, and satisfying bowl of puréed vegetable soup.

The Dos and Don'ts of Using a Blender

Your blender can be your best friend in the kitchen—make sure you're using it right!
 Here are a few tips and tricks in using of one of the most functional tools in the kitchen: your blender! Do blend with the cover on. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a huge mess on your counter! Hold the ...

WATCH: Pasta Sauces You Can Make in a Blender

Making pasta sauce has never been this easy!
Here are three no-cook pasta sauces you can make! Just toss the ingredients in the blender, blend until well-combined, pour over pasta noodles, mix, and enjoy!  ...

Watermelon Fizz Recipe

Kick off summer with this refreshing sipper. To keep the grown-ups happy, add a shot of gin or vodka.
Try this quick and easy watermelon fizz recipe that has a low number of calories! It’s the best way to cool off this summer. Bottoms up! Kick off summer with this refreshing sipper. To keep the grown-ups happy, just add a shot of gin or ...
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