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Here's How You Can Score A Free Korean Fried Chicken Meal

You have one week to enjoy this promo!
Do you also find yourself craving Korean fried chicken whenever you’re binge-watching Korean dramas, too? On your next K-drama watch session, make sure to come prepared with lots of Korean fried chicken from Bonchon’s K-Binge Bundle promo! Bonchon’s new bundle promo offers a ...

BonChon Now Offers Ready-To-Cook Packs Of Beef Bulgogi, Chicken, Mandu, And More!

Dips are available, too!
Are you getting tired of repeating the same dishes every other day? You can take a break from your usual dishes and prepare ready-to-cook packs instead. If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, you can now enjoy BonChon's signature dishes at home ...
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