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Fried Chicken Bites With Gravy Recipe

The gravy is so good, you'll pour it over rice, too!
This easy fried chicken recipe takes advantage of chicken fillets you can easily get from your supermarket butcher. There are no bones to worry about when digging into each juicy chicken chunk so you can happily pop one after the other with no worries. Plus, this recipe ...

Chicken Bulgogi Recipe

Use this simplified Korean marinade for a tasty chicken meal.
Did you know that "bulgogi" means barbecue in Korean? Roughly translated, it means "fire meat". In short, it's meat that's been cooked over a flame. Bulgogi also means a dish that's been marinated in a sweet-soy glaze that's fantastic with almost any meat you ...

Treat Yourself To Unli Rabboki, Cheese Fondue, And Chicken Pops For P388!

It also includes fries, onion rings, and iced tea.
Do you need something different from the usual Korean barbecue, fried chicken, or bibimbap? Kko Kko, a restaurant known for its Korean fried chicken, recently released its latest buffet option: unlimited cheese fondue set and unlimited rabboki for only P388/person.Unlike Kko Kko’s ...

Chicken Tapa Recipe

Beef isn't the only meat you can use!
When it comes to breakfast food, the fast and easy version seems to be the better option. When it cooks fast and is delicious too, it's an instant winner for many people who dread having to cook breakfast when they'd rather be asleep. That's why thinly sliced ...

Coconut-Crusted Chicken Tenders Recipe

This easy chicken recipe is perfect to pack for baon!
You're going to want to make these for baon. Chicken tenders, also known as the chicken tenderloins, are easy to work with and cook fast. Season with your favorite seasonings or just plain salt and pepper, and it's still going to be a great meal, especially ...

Boneless Buffalo Wing Chicken Tenders Recipe

These are the easier, meatier, and boneless version of your favorite buffalo wings.
The sauce that buffalo wings are tossed in is truly delicious. It's got a spicy heat that's made even more flavorful with melted butter. Chicken wings, however, aren't the only piece of meat you should use it on! Because deboning chicken wings is a hassle you don't ...

WATCH: This Is The Easiest Way To Make Chicken Relleno

This is an ode to your mother's version, complete with raisins, chorizo, and cheese, but without the hard work.
Love chicken relleno but don't like the effort that comes along with it? No need to debone a whole chicken! We use filleted chicken breasts to make this chicken relleno easier to make and just as delicious as the traditional stuffed whole chicken ...

Chicken Tocino

Here's a great Pinoy breakfast, plus a yummy baon for both kids and grownups!
Tocino is a great Pinoy breakfast that makes for a yummy baon for both kids and grownups! What's even better is that you can make this breakfast staple using chicken at home.Tocino is a combination of brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, and your ...
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