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Filipino Bopis Recipe

It's a FIlipino favorite!
Bopis is a spicy dish of minced pig’s heart and lungs combined with minced carrots and radish and dyed a bright red color from the annatto seeds. Often eaten as pulutan or bar chow, it is also a staple meal in most carinderia ...

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These dishes are homegrown favorites!
Who doesn't miss their beloved dishes from their hometowns? We sure do and we're also certain that sometimes, the craving for dishes that make you nostalgic for home hits once in a while, too. Not to worry! Even if you're far away from your ...

WATCH: This Is How You Make Bopis At Home

Bopis is made of inexpensive pork parts made delicious.
Bopis can be an everyday dish! That's because bopis is made with inexpensive pork parts that some people may not know is delicious to eat. Traditionally, bopis is made with pork lungs and heart but if you find you can't get these parts at ...


Make this Filipino dish at home!
Bopis is a dish made of pork innards and cooked with a spicy-sour base. ...

Bopis Recipe

You can easily make this delicious Filipino dish made of pork offal at home.
We bet you thought you could never make this unique Filipino recipe made of pork heart, pork lungs, and seasonings at home. You can. What you should also know is that we have an easy recipe. The real trick is knowing where to get ...
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