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These Are The Boracay Food Spots Open To Serve You Delicious Food

Boracay is now open to domestic tourists.
Just in case you missed it: the island of Boracay has reopened for domestic tourists beginning October 1. Tourists from general community quarantine areas such as Metro Manila are welcome. According to the Department of Tourism, around 199 establishments have been issued Certificates ...

You Can Now Get Boracay and La Union's Famous Ice Cream Delivered!

It's available in tubs for a limited period only.
For those who frequent the gorgeous island of Boracay and the hip surftown of La Union, you are probably no stranger to these tourist spots' famous eats, like Coco Mama’s refreshing and healthy coconut ice cream. It is topped with fruits and served in ...

These Boracay-Inspired Calamansi Muffins Are Available In Manila

Probably the closest you can get to the beach this 2020!
Before anything, a moment of silence for all the beach trips that didn't push through this 2020. If you were dreaming of lounging by the sandy shores of Boracay, you'll probably have to save that for the distant future. We can't transport you to ...

You Can Try Boracay's Famous Coconut Ice Cream In Manila!

Available for one weekend only! Plus they have a new ice cream flavor.
In our books, ice cream shouldn't only be eaten when the weather’s warm and humid. Ice cream can be enjoyed any time, any day—most especially when it’s fat-free.Boracay’s Coco Mama, famous for their signature coconut ice cream, has a new flavor that ...

Yes, You Can Make This Boracay-Famous Burger At Home

Have you tried this?
Boracay is known for its fantastic beach: it's got a soft powdery white sand seashore meeting the blue-green sea on any given clear summer day. It's also fast becoming a place to enjoy good food. Boracay, after all, is an island in the middle ...

What To Eat When You're Traveling Around The Philippines

Add these to your itinerary!
You won't run out of places to go to and explore in the Philippines, especially during the summer. Each destination has its own shade of blue sea water, beautiful sunset, charming sights, locals to meet, and food to indulge in.If you’re planning on spending ...

Meals By the Beach Have Never Been This Good

We think great vacations include great food!
If you've always thought beach life was just all about grilled food and the simplest dishes you can find, think again. Hotels and destinations are rethinking experiences that go beyond the 'gram and are making sure that there's something to talk about beyond a pretty ...

Real Coffee's Calamansi Muffins Are Calling Us Back to Boracay

Know the story of the brave mother-and-daughter duo who kept Real Coffee open through thick and thin.
Lee Rosaia, affectionately called “Mommy Lee” by the staff of Real Coffee, came to the island 37 years ago. With a couple of friends, she got on a small sailboat from Cebu to Boracay and then fell in love with the island, as ...

You Can Still Get a Taste of Boracay's Good Eats Until August 15 in Makati

Don't miss it!
If you’re missing the sandy shore, the beautiful ocean, and the beachside eats in Boracay, it’s time to schedule a trip to Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall, Makati. You can find some of the island’s best eats from SpiceBird ...

This Boracay Resort is for Food Fans-It's Also Home to Delicious Wood-Fire Pizza In The Island

You won’t want to leave.
Do you travel for food or hope the spots in your itinerary serve good eats? On a recent trip to Movenpick Resort and Spa Boracay, we discovered you don’t have to worry about eating well while on vacation.The picture-perfect resort located at Puntabunga Beach, ...
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