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Do Boxed Mixes Make Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies? We Tested White King, Betty Crocker, and More

Boxed cookie mixes are the easiest boxed mixes we’ve ever used.
The classic chocolate chip cookie is truly a thing of beauty: golden brown edges, a chewy interior, and filled with bittersweet chocolate chips. Seriously, is there any dessert more comforting than this? The chocolate chip cookie is every beginner baker’s introduction to ...

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Boxed Cake Mixes

There are a few surprising ways to use boxed cake mixes. Get creative in the kitchen!
Boxed cake mixes are more useful than you think: They churn out fluffy, soft cakes all the time, and can cut down your prep time in half when you're craving for dessert. Get creative in the kitchen and used boxed cake mixes ...

Yema Cake Recipe

When you want to make a cake but don't have a recipe on hand, you won't go wrong by using a basic yellow or butter cake mix.
Want to make a yema cake but don't have a quick recipe on hand? You can't go wrong by using a basic yellow or butter cake mix. It results in a delicious and moist cake in minutes, making it the perfect cake ...
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