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Try This Frozen Avocado Brazo de Mercedes While It's Still Available

Try something new today!
If you need to take a break from all things ube, you can switch it up with something that's buttery and creamy, like avocado desserts. Bellefleur, a dessert shop known for its Frozen Ube Brazo, has brought back the seasonal Frozen Avocado Brazo ...

Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes Recipe

Try making this one of a kind dessert!
Here's a unique twist to the Pinoy dessert, brazo de mercedes. To make this stunning dessert, start with the filling first so there will be time for it to cool down while the brazo cupcake bakes.  ...

This Frozen Brazo De Mercedes Has A Layer Of Ube Custard + Ube Ice Cream

Need a dessert to beat the summer heat? Try this!
It’s easy to swoon over classic desserts like Brazo de Mercedes, a rolled cake made with cloud-like meringue and a decadent egg yolk-based custard right in the center. But you can enjoy this dessert in so many ways, what with all the different ways you ...

We Found Brazo De Mercedes That Ube Fans Will Love

Ube goodness in every bite.
Imagine biting into soft sweet meringue, flavored with ube, and finding a chunky ube halaya center in the middle of the brazo de Mercedes slice—ube fans will surely sigh in contentment.Brazo de Mercedes is a rolled cake made of sweet meringue and ...

Sans Rival Fans, You Have To Try This Gigantic Meringue For P55!

This is best paired with coffee.
All you need to make meringue is a simple combination of egg whites and sugar. This is often incorporated in desserts, like brazo de mercedes, macarons, and, of course, the classic sans rival cake. A sans rival cake is made with buttercream, ...

Brazo de Mercedes Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Subukang gumawa ng klasikong brazo de Mercedes.
Ang Brazo de mercedes is ay isang sikat na panghimagas.Ang brazo de Mercedes ay isang uri ng cake na nakabilog. Gawa ito sa malambot na meringue at makapal at matamis na custard na gawa sa pula ng itlog. Gumamit ng pinakasariwang itlog ...

WATCH: How To Make Ube Brazo De Mercedes

The ube halaya custard adds earthy flavors!
Upgrade your Brazo de Mercedes cake by adding a layer of purple yam to it. The two layers of custard are the classic yellow and a vibrant purple custard made with ube halaya. It's a classic Pinoy dessert made even better with a small tweak ...

5 Important Details You Need to Know Before You Make Your First Brazo De Mercedes

This Filipino dessert is surprisingly easy to make.
Brazo de mercedes is one of those Filipino desserts that look difficult to put together, but is actually pretty easy! Think about it: you only need a few basic ingredients to make it, and a step-by-step guide to walk you through the ...

Brazo de Mercedes Recipe

Try your hand at making this Pinoy dessert classic, brazo de mercedes. It’s easier than you think!
Brazo de mercedes is a classic Filipino dessert.It's a rolled cake made with a soft and fluffy meringue with a rich, decadent egg yolk-based custard in the middle. Use the freshest eggs you can get your hands on for a delicious dessert.It ...

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

Prepare to be wowed by this sweet treat's crisp crust, rich custard, creamy ice cream, and soft meringue.
Prepare to be wowed by this sweet treat's crisp crust, rich custard, cool and creamy ice cream, and soft meringue. This is a must-try Filipino dessert! ...

A Frozen Brazo de Mercedes Recipe For Serious Dessert Lovers

This dessert has everything from a crisp crust to a cool, creamy filling.
Traditionally made up of a sweet egg yolk curd that is rolled into a sheet of lighty toasted meringue, brazo de mercedes is a dessert that is difficult to stop digging into. Get into some next-level baking by tweaking the classic recipe ...

Sylvia Almario Ibazeta's Brazo de Mercedes Recipe

Pastry chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto shares their brazo de Mercedes recipe, passed on for generations.
Pastry chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto’s great grandmother passed on this recipe to Baba's mom, Sylvia Almario Ibazeta. It is divine! To read about their mother-daughter story, click Muses of Cookery. ...
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