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How To Make Pandesal Soft Again

Make it taste like it was "freshly baked" again.
Bread is an important part of meals. Whether it's in the shape of a loaf, a roll, or formed into a twisted bun, these fluffy, soft risen dough are an essential food. That's why it's a sad moment when you realize your stash of bread ...

Ensaymada Recipe With Dulce De Leche Filling

Enjoy this with a cup of coffee!
Ensaymada is a type of Filipino bread that is originally just soft, sweet covered with butter and sugar, and generously topped with grated cheese. This is a different version of the ensaymada with dulce de leche filling instead of being topped with cheese. ...

Potato Bread Recipe

Try out this healthy potato loaf!

Low-Carb Ensaymada Recipe

This is a keto bread recipe that's delicious!
Ensaymada is one of the classic Filipino pastries. It is soft and usually coated with sugar and butter. You can always find this in a local family-owned bakery. Here's my take on how you can make this into a low-carb version that results in ...

Here's The Difference Between Pita Bread And Tortilla Bread

These are two different kinds of bread.
Many turned to making their own bread during the quarantine. This also brought about the rise of interest in bread and other baked recipes that didn't require ovens. Not everyone had an oven to bake bread but there are bread recipes that don't require ...

Ube Cheese and Red Velvet Cream Cheese Low-Carb Pandesal Recipe

Make a healthier version of the pandesal.
Pandesal is a famous classic Filipino bread. Filipino breakfast tables will not be complete without it being served. Nowadays, pandesal comes in different flavors. This recipe is a low-carb version of the traditional pandesal. It is soft, moist, and fluffy bread made into ...

Basic Baking Recipes To Master This Year

Learn these basic recipes to hone your baking skills.
For any baker who is still learning how to bake, there are basic recipes that they need to learn. There's a reason why new bakers and baking students need to learn these simple recipes: you learn specific baking lessons when you make these ...

Classic Ensaymada Recipes To Try

These enriched breads are sweet, salty, and delicious!
You may find many recipes that may claim to be no-fail and easy but the truth of the matter is that while an ensaymada recipe as written may be fool-proof, nobody is perfect. When working with yeast, you can make common mistakes. You may ...

WATCH: How To Make Cheesy Ensaymada

This soft and cheesy bread will win everyone over!
The ensaymada is always a crowd favorite. It's a sweet bread that is made with an enriched dough, meaning that there is more added to the bread that just yeast, water, and flour. That might mean eggs and butter were added and some ...

WATCH: How To Make Soft And Fluffy Milo Buns

You can eat your Milo instead of drinking it!
Milo is a popular chocolate malt drink that most Pinoys had growing up. It's usually drank iced, cold, or even warm but most fans of this chocolate malt drink would say that it's also good when eaten as is, by the spoonful. If you ...

Pretzel Recipe

Try making this simple snack!
Here's an easy snack you can make at home.  ...

WATCH: How To Make Korean Cheesy Garlic Bread At Home

You can make this trendy Korean bread.
You can make this trendy Korean garlic bread at home. This Korean garlic bread recipe with cream cheese uses the tangzhong method, so it will make your bread super soft. This technique is used in both Japan and around Asia and is ...

Coconut Bread Recipe

It's not too sweet!
The not so sweet bread with the appetizing taste of the coconut is perfect with hot brewed coffee or iced fruit juice for breakfast or even for merienda. It is so easy to make! Try it now!  ...

Nutella-Stuffed Chocolate Pandesal Recipe

It's the perfect snack!
This classic Filipino bread just got an upgrade with the addition of cocoa and hazelnut-flavored chocolate spread that will surely be a hit. ...

Ube Bars Recipe

Throwback to this yummy childhood snack!
Who can forget these bars back in our childhood days? It's a Filipino favorite snack that we can buy at the bakery, sari-sari store, or with the maglalako. They are made of baked bread dipped in sweet purple yam or ube syrup ...

Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia Recipe

This is a basic recipe you can flavor any way you want.

Pandeflan Recipe

It's a new craze everyone seems to love!
With the growing popularity of an omnipresent bread in the Philippines such as pandesal, many have jumped on the bandwagon and launched into producing and selling their own versions of this beloved spin on the humble Filipino breakfast bread rolls. There are so ...

This Is How You Can Use All-Purpose Flour To Make Bread

If you only have all-purpose flour, this is how to use it for making bread.
Cooking and baking have become the new favorite pastime of many people. Since food is the one of the few constants that we need every day, baking has also become more popular even among those who would have never thought to bake before. For those who have ...

Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread Recipe

Upgrade your usual garlic bread!
"Korean cream cheese garlic bread.” It’s a mouthful to say, and also quite the delicious mouthful to bite! It’s the latest trend in Korean food, and it combines the sweetness of a decadent cream cheese filling with the savory taste of garlic ...

Binangkal Recipe

It's a Pinoy favorite!
This binangkal (fried bread sesame balls) recipe is so easy to make, all the ingredients can be found in your pantry! ...
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