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All The Fried Food You Can Prep and Freeze Now, Cook Later

These chicken and pork recipes will keep for at least a month!
Did you know that the refrigerator is known as the most important invention in the history of food? Without the modern refrigerator, food as we know it would be very different. We won't have frozen meals that are ready to cook at ...

3 Tips To Keep Your Breaded Chicken or Pork Chops Crispy Every Time

It’s about time you put a stop to soggy breading.
We love crispy fried food and if you are anything like us, you know that there’s nothing more sad than soggy breading on our fried chicken or pork chops. Follow these easy tips and say goodbye to soggy breading every time:1 Bread properly. ...

Breaded Salmon With Lemon Cream Sauce Recipe

This salmon is breaded with a flavorful panko breadcrumb layer to give it crunch.
Panko breadrumbs is more than just breading for this salmon dish. The flavorful crust gives flakey salmon a crunchiness it doesn't have while the lemon cream is another layer of flavor that delights the tongue.  ...

WATCH: How To Make Chicken Parmesan

Breaded chicken fillets are given an upgrade with a chunky tomato sauce and gooey cheese melted on top.
 This chicken dish is perfect for the weekend! The succulent chicken fillets are breaded and cooked until they turn to a beautiful golden brown color, and baked on a bed of chunky tomato sauce with a layer of mozzarella on top.The melted and browned cheese makes this is ...

Stuffed Camaron Rebosado Recipe

Here's a tasty variation of the popular Chinoy dish.
Here's a tasty variation of the popular Chinoy dish. Remember to refrigerate the pork mixture before frying so that it stays intact during the cooking process. Serve this flavorful Stuffed Camaron Rebosado recipe to your family in four easy steps.  ...
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