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Shakshouka Recipe

This egg-and-tomatoes dish is a hearty dish with lots of bold flavors.
This Israeli dish is similar to the Spanish Pisto Manchego and is made with eggs, tomatooes, and a lot of spices. Serve with crusty bread! ...

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Recipe

Make breakfast extra special by whipping up French toast.
This French toast is a little more indulgent than the usual. It's the perfect weekend breakfast recipe! Fill the middles of your toast with strawberries and cream cheese.  ...

Shakshuka is the Egg-and-Tomato Dish You Should Be Making

This popular Middle Eastern breakfast dish also works as a hearty brunch, light dinner, or even a midnight snack.
Shakshuka is a popular eggs-and-tomatoes dish in the Middle East. Particularly in Israel, it's a popular breakfast dish, but we think it also works as a hearty brunch, tasty lunch, light dinner, or even a midnight snack. Don't forget the toasted bread!1 ...

Chicken and Waffles Recipe

Have a crispy treat for brekkie!
This restaurant favorite is a classic for a reason: it has both savory and sweet flavors in one plate. This chicken-and-waffles combo is great for any time of the day. Here's a tip: Make the waffles tastier by mixing cheese, herbs, or ...
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