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These Chewy Buchi And Palitaw Explode With A Delicious Yema Filling!

Yema fans, you should definitely give this a try.
What makes the sesame-covered buchi irresistible are the different fillings stuffed inside. The most common buchi filling uses sweet mung bean but if you’re looking to try a unique buchi, we know just the thing! Buchi Queen’s new Yema Buchi is stuffed with delicious yema ...

You Need To Try This Chewy Buchi Stuffed With A Lot Of Cheese And Ube!

This is a unique take on buchi!
Buchi is a classic Chinese delicacy that's made with chewy rice covered in sesame seeds, then stuffed with a mung bean filling. But if you’re looking for a type of buchi with a unique filling, Buchi Queen offers ube and cheese-stuffed buchi, the Ube Keso Buchi.Instead of ...

Buchi Cheesecake Exists And It's Delicious!

Are you willing to try this?
Cassalu Cheesecake Bar is a dessert bar, one of the new concessionaires you can find in the newly-renovated Food Choices in Glorietta. What makes Cassalu Cheesecake Bar stand out is they offer a total of 22 cheesecake flavors.We’re sure any cheesecake fan will have a ...

WATCH: How to Make Buchi

These chewy, sweet balls are a great snack!
 Buchi is a chewy snack made of fried glutinous rice flour and a sweet bean paste (monggo) filling. This rice cake has Chinese origins but is also popular in the Philippines. It's delightfully chewy and is a great snack! Buchi RecipePrep time 10 ...
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