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Always Be Prepared With This Canned Food Meal Plan

Make kitchen staples your go-to ingredients.
There is no need to plan too extravagantly for every meal you set out to make. The simplest meal can be the most satisfying after all. When the ingredients are as handy as being a kitchen staple, such as canned goods, it becomes ...

40-Clove Garlic Chicken Recipe

This easy chicken recipe will make anyone who loves garlic sigh in delight.
Anyone who loves garlic will appreciate that this chicken recipe has lots of flavor, whole cloves of garlic, and best of all, it's so easy, this crispy garlic fried chicken recipe is made with just four other ingredients.The secret to this garlic-loaded recipe is not ...

These 5 Ingredients Will Cut Down Your Grocery Expenses

Going grocery shopping on a budget? Keep this in mind!
Is cutting down on food expenses part of your new year resolutions? Be a smart shopper by making use of these ingredients that can dramatically cut down expenses. From meat substitutes to better vegetable choices, these will not only guarantee savings for ...

Save Money on Groceries By Buying This Type Of Meat

Choose this meat to combat inflation and save your budget.
Inflation is real. We feel it, and we bet you're feeling it too. While it can be ignored when it doesn’t affect us directly, its effect on the prices of food is alarming. Pork pigue, a popular pork cut which used to be ...

Make Meals Using Canned Tuna For Less Than P50 per Serving!

Affordable, delicious and nutritious, get to eat canned tuna every day without getting sick of it.
Canned tuna is affordable and packed with protein. It's such a versatile ingredient that it can make food prepping a lot easier. But having it over and over again the same way can get boring. Completely transform that simple pantry staple into new ...

One Week of Budget Meals: 4 People, 3 Meals a Day for P5000

It’s possible! We rounded up a whole week’s worth of budget recipes for you.
Cooking for a family isn’t easy—you have to think about your budget, your schedule (and everyone else’s!), and a good, healthy balance in the dishes that you cook. Don’t sweat it: that’s what we’re here for!Here is a handy guide to cooking ...
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