These P70 Dinners Are Quicker and Cheaper Than Take-Out

This meal plan is easier than ordering take-out!
Rushing home for dinner but can’t quite get through the traffic? Take-out may seem like the only option at this point, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to cook cheap, 30-minute meals at home. They will be packed with ...

Here Are 5 Meat-and-Veggie Dishes You Can Make for Under P100 Per Serving!

Serve them for dinner!
Who said eating balanced meals need to be expensive? Meal planning and mindful grocery shopping can help you keep a cap on your spending while enjoying flavor-packed and nutritious meals. Here are 5 dinners you can cook for under P100 per serving.1 ...

Save Money on Groceries By Buying This Type Of Meat

Choose this meat to combat inflation and save your budget.
Inflation is real. We feel it, and we bet you're feeling it too. While it can be ignored when it doesn’t affect us directly, its effect on the prices of food is alarming. Pork pigue, a popular pork cut which used to be ...
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