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WATCH: You'll Love this Frozen Buko Pandan Ice Cream

Coconut + Pandan + Ice cream = Delicious!
You'll find many desserts on the buffet table but none is more popular than the buko pandan dessert. Its green gelatin with coconut strands and coconut cream is flavored with pandan, or screwpine leaves, to give it another dimension in flavor. It's ...

Buko Pandan Recipe

Jazz up this family favorite by using a dough cutter to make fun shapes out of your pandan-flavored gelatin.
Buko pandan is a classic Pinoy recipe that is simple yet delicious. The best buko pandan recipes are those that combine the flavors of fresh buko, or coconut, and the warmth of the pandan, or the screwpine leaf, in the gelatin cubes. These two ingredients – ...
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