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This Dessert Is A Combination Of Buko Pie, Cassava Cake, And Leche Flan

Order this for merienda or dessert!
When one thinks of Los Baños, the classic buko pie always comes to mind. Numerous establishments that offer these hot, freshly-baked buko pies dot the national highway, while some sellers peddle it on the streets and even inside buses. For those who want a ...

You Can Now Get The Original Buko Pie From Los BaƱos Delivered

No need to head out of town!
Trips to Laguna are always made more special with their buko pies, stalls for which you'll find a lot of on the way to the province. One of the best-known buko pie makers is The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop—their version of the pie has succulent, not-too-sweet young coconut meat ...

This Bakery In Pampanga Makes Ube Buko Pie

You can get it delivered to Metro Manila!
Imagine creamy not-too-sweet ube halaya mixed in with buko cream filling held by a firm pie crust. This is what you get when you order from the Ube Buko Pie from Pampanga-based home baker Bread Inbox.The Ube Buko Pie (P160) is a ...

This Underrated Buko Pie Will Soon Be Available For Metro Manila-Based Deliveries

You need to try this.
Are you always on the lookout for good buko pie? Besides the obvious places like Laguna and Tagaytay, you can find delicious buko pie all the way from Tarlac through Francheska Tan’s The Husband’s Craving. We featured it on our Good Food Alert last year, ...

Did You Know You Can Get Good Shepherd Ube + Products In Tagaytay?

Plus, you can get buko pie here, too.
If you’re heading down south instead of Baguio on a long weekend, keep your eyes peeled for the Bahay Pastulan Store by Good Shepherd Sisters along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. It is owned by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Baguio and you can ...

Have You Tried This Unique Buko Pie From A Museum In Tagaytay?

This is a must-try for buko pie fans!
People go to Tagaytay for the weather, the scenic surroundings, and a huge bowl of bulalo that's commonly sold along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. When it comes to pasalubong, buko pie is almost always on the list. Everyone loves this pie, but if you're ...

This Buko Pie From Tarlac Will Satisfy All Your Cravings

They can deliver to Manila!
We may be divided with who makes the best adobo and sinigang, but at least we are united with our love for buko pie. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 30-peso buko pie pocket from the Jollibee around the corner, or the P300 box of buko ...

In Case You Missed It, Jollibee Came Out With A Buko Pie

Here's what we think.
Jollibee's juicy Chickenjoy (thigh, please!) is an easy favorite for most Filipinos, but one Jollibee item that has mixed preferences? The pies, namely the choco mallow pie, the ube pie, tuna pie, banana langka pie, and the peach mango pie. Jollibee's new pie ...

You Have To Try This Unique Yema Buko Pie!

Yema + buko pie in one!
Have you heard of a buko pie with a yema-flavored custard filling? Surprisingly, you can find this unique version of the buko pie in Malolos, Bulacan.A quick Google search of “Yema Buko Pie” will lead you to TLM Yema Buko Pie. Leonara ...

Filipino Streusel-Topped Buko Pie Recipe

This buko pie recipe is easy: a simple crust, delicious filling, and a quick streusel topping!
Whip up a classic buko pie at home and make it extra special by using a rich, buttery crust and a cheesy streusel topping! ...
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