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This Is Not A Drill: Jollibee Now Offers A Burger Steak Family Pan

Burger steak stans, this one is for you!
Have you fully recovered from the comeback of Jollibee's Champ and Ultimate Burger Steak? Because if you haven't, we need you to take a deep breath because Jollibee is now offering another item you'll definitely love. Meet the Burger Steak Family Pan!Jollibee's Burger Steak ...

Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak Is Back On The Menu!

Your favorite is back.
Just in case you missed Jollibee's "Ultimate" teasers—specifically the one with a burger patty, French fries, egg, and rice, we're going to save you the suspense: Jollibee is officially bringing back the Ultimate Burger Steak on the menu starting today (along with ...

Could Jollibee Be Bringing Back Their Ultimate Burger Steak?

Stop being such a tease, Jollibee!
One of the best dishes Jollibee introduced is the Ultimate Burger Steak, which gained popularity for being a carb-overloaded dish that had all the things you'd secretly (or not) want with Jollibee's Burger Steak: rice, fries, garlic bits, and egg. This is ...

Did You Know That These Jollibee Meals Are Still Available?

When was the last time you ordered these?
Do you typically order Jollibee through online food delivery services? If you haven't noticed yet, there are small (but important!) differences between ordering in Jollibee stores versus ordering online.When you dine in, the menu only displays limited food items (perhaps, depending on ...

These 10 Hearty Beef Recipes Will Satisfy Your Beef Cravings

Sometimes, only beef can do the trick.
Nothing is quite as satisfying and filling as beef. Beef hits savory notes no other meat can. With every perfect, tender, scrumptious, and flavorful bite, you get the hefty protein that helps you feel full for longer. So, for days no other ...

WATCH: How To Make Jollibee-Style Burger Steak

Burger steak lovers, you can make it from scratch!
If you love the fast food version, you'll love it even more since this version of that iconic burger steak meal is easy to recreate at home. It's a deceptively simple burger recipe that is distinctive and tasty with an equally flavorful beef and mushroom ...

Jollibee Is Now Serving Chickenjoy + Burger Steak Value Meals

It's a dream come true!
Have you ever spent more than three minutes trying to decide whether you're going for the Jollibee Chickenjoy or go for the Burger Steak? Their newest value meal solves that problem: Jollibee's juicy Chickenjoy and saucy Burger Steak now comes in one value meal! Dreams ...

WATCH: How to Make Burger Steak

Pour thick mushroom gravy on top!
This is a popular Pinoy flavor combination: burger patty, rice, and mushroom gravy! Who doesn't love a delicious burger steak meal? Learn how to make a burger steak meal from scratch. It's super easy! Burger Steak with Gravy RecipePrep Time 15 minutesCooking Time ...

Burger Steak with Gravy Recipe

Serve a juicy burger patty over rice and pour gravy on top!
Not all burgers are served in between burger buns! That patty is really just a mound of ground beef that's just waiting to be served doused with flavorful gravy and rice on the side. This fuss-free burger patty dish is considered as comfort food ...

Zucchini Pancakes with Burger Steak Recipe

Why not mix things up and make some savory pancakes for dinner?
Why not mix things up a little and make some savory zucchini pancakes for dinner? Served with simple burger steaks, they'll definitely  be a hit with the entire family. ...
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