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This Is How You Make Great Burgers Without A Grill

You don't need a grill!
Not everyone has a grill. Whether it's the charcoal-filled ihawan, the gas-powered kettle grills, or the electric indoor kitchen appliances that have coils running through the underside of the grill grates, these grills are great when you are craving food with the inihaw flavor. It's ...

WATCH: We Have Tips on How You Can Make A Great-Tasting Burger

Keep these tips in mind when making homemade burgers.
The grill will be everywhere this summer and if you’re planning on grilling burgers, you’ll need these tips to help you make the best-tasting burgers. So whether you're out of town on vacay or having a staycation this summer, these tips will help you make ...

Here's Why You Should Add Bacon When Making Burger Patties

Bacon is delicious, and we think it can do wonders when you add it to a burger patty–and not just on top of it.
We love bacon. It’s smoky, sweet, salty, crispy… it’s just delicious. But have you tried adding bacon to your burger mix? Just imagine a burger packed with loads of flavor. It’s probably the burger of a bacon lover’s and burger lover’s dream, all ...

6 Tips for Making the Best Burgers at Home

With these quick tips, you can cook your way to burger heaven.
Is there anything better, really, than sinking your teeth into a hot, juicy, tender burger? They are fairly easy to put together in your home kitchen, and are undoubtedly worth every calorie. Cook your way to beefy, burger heaven and avoid common ...
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