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Food Business Idea: Make Flavored Marshmallows For Only One Peso Each

You just need 5 basic ingredients + your favorite flavors!
Marshmallows are delicious treats! These soft puffs of edible sugar are a delight to eat on its own or tossed into between crackers, stirred into cookie dough, or tossed into a mug of hot chocolate. It's also a great idea for a food business because ...

Here's How You Can Easily Make French Fries Into A Food Business

Who doesn't love fries?
Selling French fries is big business. They're one of the most popular fast-food products, and putting them on your menu and coming up with new ways to serve them is always a good idea. Both kids and adults love them, and they're very easy ...

Make Money During the Holidays: 5 No-Bake Treats You Can Sell for Gift-Giving

You can earn money this November and December by starting a mini food business at home.
The holiday season is a great time to get to work: almost everyone you know will be shopping and gift-giving by early December. If you have extra time on your hands to take on a side hustle of selling Christmas treats, we ...

WATCH: How to Make Homemade Chocnut

This version might just be better than the ones you have to buy at the store.
This classic Pinoy candy will bring you back to your childhood! It's a combo of two things we love: chocolate and peanuts. And just because it's easily bought from the store doesn't mean a homemade version is hard to make. With a little ...

Be Your Own Boss! Baked Treats You Can Make and Sell

Hey, home baker! Check out these recipes for your own baking biz.
Thinking of using your baking skills to earn extra cash? We've got a few recipes you can try:1 Peanut Butter Crisp BarsA no-bake recipe you can do in under 30 minutes!2 Lemon BarsEveryone loves luscious bars!3 Red Velvet BrowniesYou can make a ...

Dark Chocolate Crinkles

A jar of delicious crinkles is always a welcome treat!
A jar of delicious crinkles is always a welcome treat! For a more grown-up cookie, we made a darker version of the popular cookie. ...

Sticky Honey-Orange Chicken Wings Recipe

The sticky sauce makes it a must-use-your-hands eating experience.
This chicken's sticky sauce makes it a must-use-your-hands eating experience. This flavorful Sticky Honey-Orange Chicken Wings recipe is perfect for any occasions or events because the main ingredients are simple and easy to find. ...
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