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When To Use Salted Or Unsalted Butter

Does it make a difference?
You already know the difference between salted and unsalted butter: salt! You would be wrong to think, however, that the only difference salt would make is that one is more salty than the other. There are other reasons that make salted butter ...

This Is Why Unsalted Butter Is Best For Baking

What type of butter you use affects the taste of your cake.
It’s an often-asked baking question: did you use unsalted butter? For most baking projects, the answer is “yes” because if you use unsalted butter, you can control the amount of salt that goes into your cake. If that was the only reason, ...

What Is the Best Butter for Baking?

Butter truly does make everything better!
Butter is responsible for all things wonderful in the world of baking: moist and rich cakes, fluffy and creamy frosting, and flaky pie crusts. When it comes to using butter for recipes at home, which one should you go for?You will often ...
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