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Black Pepper Prawns Recipe

Black pepper gives this prawn dish a different kind of spicy kick, and it's deliciously addictive.
If you love prawns and love it when it's got a spicy kick to it, then make the best of your black pepper mill and make it rain on these shellfish. This spicy prawn recipe will make you appreciate the flavors that the black pepper can ...

WATCH: How To Cook Butter Garlic Prawns

You will LOVE that this has all those flavors melding into the most delicious, finger-licking meal ever.
If you love garlic, butter, and prawns, this dish is for you! It's one of the tastiest, most decadent, and succulent seafood dishes you can whip up. Butter Garlic Prawns Takes 20 minutesMakes 4 servings1/4 cup salted butter2 tablespoons canola oil1 head garlic, peeled, ...

Butter Garlic Prawns Recipe

This seafood dish is garlicky and buttery!
This is a fuss-free seafood dish. Apart from the fact that it’s delicious, the best thing about this garlic butter prawns recipe is the method in which it is made: All the ingredients are layered into a pot and then left on ...
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