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These Bite-Sized Silvanas Are Inspired By Butternut Munchkins

Meet your new favorite snack!
We recently showed you this pandesal you get in a flavor inspired by Dunkin' Donuts' famous Butternut munchkins as well as this simple crinkle recipe you can make at home based on the chocolate variation of the beloved dessert. There's no denying the popularity of ...

This 40-Piece Munchkin Bucket From Dunkin' Donuts Is Available For Delivery!

Craving doughnuts?
Have you been craving Dunkin’ Donuts nonstop since the quarantine began? They slowly made their cups of coffee and doughnut holes available for delivery, but if you’re the type who loves munchkins more, it's now available on the delivery menu.Available via GrabFood, Dunkin ...

Dunkin' Donuts Fans, This Is The Promo You've Been Waiting For!

Choco Butternut, Butternut, Ube-flavored munchkins, or all of the above?
When Dunkin' Donuts first came out with the bucket of munchkins, doughnut fans were torn between getting a bucket of Choco Butternut or Butternut munchkins. Fortunately for fans of both, Dunkin' Donuts eventually allowed customers to have an assortment of flavors in ...

Dunkin' Donuts' Choco Butternut Munchkins Are Now Available In Buckets!

Dreams do come true.
This is it, folks. The moment every Dunkin’ Donuts fan has patiently waited for has finally arrived. Dunkin Donuts is now serving their Choco Butternut and Butternut Munchkins in buckets!Dunkin' Donuts' Choco Butternut or Butternut Munchkin buckets (P349) have a total of ...
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