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Auntie Anne's Has Buy-One-Get-One Deals For Frontliners This Month

A special treat for those who work hard for our country every day.
Through all the political, economic, and medical turmoil that's been happening throughout the pandemic, one fact remains true: We owe a huge debt to the frontliners working hard every day to keep our country afloat and keep out countrymen alive. Many humble ...

Get Two Servings Of Buttery, Cheesy Scallops For The Price Of One

Because one serving ain’t enough!
It’s an addictive feeling to scoop a warm buttery, cheesy scallop from its shell, then going in for the second scoop to get all the remaining melted cheese and other bits. If you think you’ll need more than one serving, Kuya J ...

Score Two Cups Of Milk Tea For The Price Of One At This Grocery Store

We won't judge if you drink both yourself!
Is there anything better than an ice-cold, freshly made cup of milk tea? Hear us out: two ice-cold, freshly made cups of milk tea. While one order may be all your daily budget can handle, Landers is having a buy-one-get-one promo on their ...

Wendy's Bacon Ham Mushroom Melt Is On A Buy One, Take One Promo This Week!

Hurry! This promo is valid until March 15, 2020, only!
Last Christmas Wendy’s gifted us with the juicy Big Bacon Ham Mushroom Melt. If you weren’t able to try their Christmas version of the Bacon Mushroom Melt, now’s the time to try it because Wendy’s has an ongoing buy one, take one ...
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