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Senator Villar Wants Davao City To Be The Cacao and Chocolate Capital Of The Philippines

The senator highlights Malagos Chocolate and Auro Chocolate which both were recognized in international awards.
Senator Cynthia Villar, the current chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, approved Senate Bill No. 1741 which proposes Davao City to be recognized as the “Cacao and Chocolate Capital” of the Philippines.According to Manila Bulletin, Villar approved the bill last ...

This New Show On The Asian Food Network Highlights Philippine Cacao

The cacao is actually used in potions for its healing properties in Siquijor!
Most Pinoys first encountered cacao through tablea, which is made with ground and roasted cacao that is molded into tablets or balls. Usually used in champorado (chocolate rice porridge), tablea is also used to make piping hot tsokolate, our version of the hot ...

Davao Farmer Makes It Top 20 List For Best Cacao Beans In The World

Auro Chocolate brought Jose Saguban to Paris for the international competition.
"When we found out he made it to the Top 50, we were already ecstatic so we decided to bring him to Paris to receive his award in person. But WOW! Little did we know he would make it to the Top ...

This 20 Year-Old Chef And Farmer Gave Bicolano Farmers Hope Through Cacao

When tragedy struck, she planted a cacao tree.
When super typhoon Nina hit Bicol in 2016, worsening on Christmas day itself, almost everything was wiped out. In fact, it “destroyed 80% of all agricultural land,” in Chef Louise Mabulo’s town alone. It displaced thousands of families. Desperate and hungry farmers ...

Summer Must-Try: A New Chocolate Creation Called "Chover"

This stall at The Grid also serves nothing but really good chocolate.
Finding good chocolate is easy if you know where to look. Fortunately for your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings, Risa Chocolates' famous proudly-Filipino chocolates: Bacon Chili Chocolate, Brown Butter Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, and Pastillas de Pili finds a permanent home in The ...

Belgian Tableya Is The Newest Chocolate In Town!

Time to make hot chocolate!
If you love dark chocolate and the deep, bold notes of local tablea, here's a new chocolate to try. Meet Theo And Brom, a brand of artisanal chocolate and the world’s first Belgian Tableya. It’s called Belgian Tableya because it combines the best of each owner's hometown. ...

Davao's Malagos Chocolate Wins Another International Award

This is their 28th international award to date!
Puentespina Farms, the farm where Malagos Chocolate sources its cacao, is now recognized as home to high-quality Heirloom Cacao. Charita Puentespina, who founded the farm in 2003, shared that they are the 16th producer to be given this honor (from all over the world)–and the first ever in the Philippines.So, what does Heirloom ...

Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate: What Is the Difference?

This sweet treat makes it hard to not polish off a whole bar in one sitting!
Ah, chocolate—rich, decadent, and always mouth-watering.While snacking on a bar may just be all about your flavor preference, cooking and baking with chocolate requires a little more knowledge on your ingredients’ composition and proportions. Know the difference between dark, milk, and white chocolate ...
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