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Cara Mia's Famous Pistachio + Chocolate Cake Is Back On The Menu!

Yes to nutty, chocolatey treats!
If pistachio desserts and chocolate desserts are included in your long list of favorite treats, you'll be glad to know that Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato recently brought back its Pistaccio Cioccolato. It's available for delivery and it got a delicious makeover, too. One ...

This Cake Is Topped With Sweet, Tangy Mangoes And Hugged With Crunchy Cereal

Mango desserts are too delicious to resist.
You can never go wrong with desserts with sweet, yellow mangoes—it adds a sweet, tangy, brightness to each bite. If you’re always in the mood for mango desserts but you want something different than the usual mango float or mango ice cream, ...

Cafe Ysabel's Frozen Strawberry Shortcake Is Available For Delivery!

You can also choose to pick it up at their San Juan branch.
The summer months are coming to a close, but the heat definitely remains. It's not all bad though; if anything, it's a great excuse to indulge in a cool, icy dessert. How does a frozen strawberry dessert sound? You can get Frozen ...

This Ube Custard Cake Is Available For Delivery!

You can pre-order your favorite ube desserts through Wildflour To-Go.
On its own, ube and leche flan are good desserts, but when you combine these two classics, it becomes a wonderful dessert. Not fully convinced? Wildflour To-Go just brought back its Ube Custard Cake on the delivery menu so you can enjoy ...

This Delicious Bibingka In a Tin Can Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

It's not just chocolate cake that can be baked in a can!
It’s Christmas time again, which means our craving for bibingka is back. It’s this craving that started it for Chef Michelle Marie Abalon of Sweetums Sweet Treats who now sells eight scrumptious versions of bibingka in red tin cans. You’ll love their classic bibingka thanks to an over-the-top generous topping ...
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