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Want Soft, Fluffy Cakes? Add This Ingredient To Your Flour!

You’ll wonder why you never did it before!
While flour will always be useful, you still want cakes that are soft, fluffy and have a fine crumb so it not only tastes great, it can melt in your mouth because it’s so tender. One of the ways to do that ...

Know Your Different Kinds of Cake

Let them eat cake!
There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with cake, is there? Cake has been and will probably always be a perennial party staple, a slightly over-the-top way to let people know that there’s a party going on.There’s more to ...

What You Need to Know about Different Kinds of Flour

Who knew flour could be this interesting?
Who knew that flour could be so confusing? From cake flour to bread flour to plain old all-purpose flour, this seemingly ordinary ingredient sure does seem to have a lot of nuances. What do you use them for? What makes them all ...
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